Suspect in fatal DUI case found in South Korea

By David Jackson, Gary Marx and Nari Kim*

Chicago Tribune and ICIJ reporters located suspect in fatal DUI accident who fled to South Korea more than 10 years ago.

Colombia vows to clean up coltan mining

By Corbin Hiar

Narco-groups illegal mining operations threaten country's exports of the important electronics component

Fugitive Catholic priest sought for alleged sexual assault of minor

By David Jackson, Gary Marx and Ritu Sarin*

Accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old Chicago girl, the Rev. Sleeva Raju Policetti fled to his native India in 2002

Colombia’s black-market coltan tied to drug traffickers, paramilitaries

By Ignacio Gómez G.

Illicit mining in hot spot of Colombia’s Amazon tied to paramilitaries, drug traffickers

Venezuela emerges as new source of ‘conflict’ minerals

By Emilia Diaz-Struck and Joseph Poliszuk

Venezuelan black-market mineral likely making its way to everything from smart phones to smart bombs

Five things you need to know about coltan:

Five things you need to know about this black-market mineral

About this story

A look at the reporting process behind ICIJ's coltan stories

West Africa oil boom overlooks tattered environmental safety net

By Christiane Badgley

Industry regulation and disaster plans missing as Ghana ramps up production

After the quake, praise becomes resentment in Haiti

By Marjorie Valbrun

Amid a slow rebuilding effort, Haitians move from praise to resentment of aid groups

Cartels carve new drug routes in Central America

By Nick Miroff

In a Belizean town known for its trade in contraband, illicit drugs cast a new shadow

Investigations Around the World

By Simona Raetz

Drug on wars makes pain killers unavailable for patients in developing countries; mining companies are big winners of Chilean tax system

Stolen state assets: World Bank report details daunting obstacles to recovery

By Corbin Hiar

A recent report says nations may have difficulty recovering assets stolen by autocratic regimes

SOLUTIONS: Interpol Needs a Big Dose of Transparency

By Ilya Katsnelson

SOLUTIONS: Writer experienced Interpol persecution firsthand

Interpol reacts to ICIJ story


Interpol's press secretary reacts to ICIJ's findings, and reporter Libby Lewis responds.

Interpol's Red Notices used by some to pursue political dissenters, opponents

By Libby Lewis

Inadequate checks, balances raise human rights concerns

Investigations Around the World

By Simona Raetz

Illegal sale of pesticides in Croatia; a ponzi scheme in Tanzania; Utah state employees conspiring to report undocumented workers

Investigations Around the World

By Simona Raetz

Chilean university is up for sale; misuse of a UNMD grant leaves nomadic Nigerian citizens illiterate; contaminated drinking water in Texas

The loneliness of El Diario of Juárez

By María Teresa Ronderos

A Colombian journalist spends three days with reporters from Juárez, Mexico’s most violent city

Fishing and the offshore oil industry: A delicate imbalance

By Christiane Badgley

Fishing and the offshore oil industry in Ghana

Death is one Pakistani reporter's constant companion

By Malik Siraj Akbar

COMMENTARY: Pakistani journalist Malik Siraj Akbar is seeing his colleagues die

Investigations Around the World

By Simona Raetz

British business mogul linked to illegal activity; Vatikan Bank under investigation; Burmese refugees find squalid housing in U.S.

Which country's exports comprised the highest percentage of its GDP in 2007?

Which G10 country's exports comprised the highest percentage of its GDP in 2007?

What's the US-Panama free trade agreement mean? Almost nothing, CRS says

By Laurel Adams

The US-Panama free trade agreement, hotly debated by Senate, would have negligible impact on economy

Few options for Obama administration in Syria

By Laurel Adams

Existing sanctions on Syria severely limit Obama's options to step in as civilians are killed

Wildlife peril — Countries with the most threatened endemic species in 2010

What country do you think has the most threatened species?

U.S. free trade agreements locked in limbo

By Laurel Adams

The number of bilateral and regional free trade agreements has been increasing worldwide, but the U.S. has been sitting on three