Lobbying FAQ

By Elizabeth Brown

What is permissible? Out of bounds? Punishable?

Candidates for GOP House Leader also have ties to K Street

By Elizabeth Brown

At least 19 former staff members are lobbyists

Abramoff plea: digging up K Street

By Alex Knott

The history of lobbying shows a web of conflicts

Cheney sidesteps travel disclosure rules

By Kate Sheppard

Unlike the rest of the White House, Cheney doesn't make his outside travel public

Lobbying the White House

By Alex Knott

Campaign donors and former government officials help 4,600 companies influence the executive branch

PAC-Men lobbyists

By Elizabeth Brown and Shaylyn Cochran

Almost 80 members of Congress used corporate lobbyists to head their fund-raising committees

K Street pushes Chinese textiles interests

By Marina Walker Guevara

Trade issues fuel much of China's lobbying efforts—and few may be more important than textile imports

China steps up its lobbying game

By Marina Walker Guevara

The Chinese government is hiring the best of the best to advance its agenda

Timely, effective and fair?

Justice Department makes a valuable public database all but inaccessible

Illegal defense

By Lauren Bonora, Kate Sheppard and Alex Knott

Center finds violations, missing records regarding legal expense funds

Traveling on the Abramoff plan

By Steve Henn

Dozens of members of Congress have accepted trips from non-profits with registered lobbyists on their boards

Foreign companies pay to influence U.S. policy

By Julia DiLaura

More than $620 million spent lobbying federal government

Lobbying the watchdogs

By Elizabeth Brown

Hundreds of companies push their agendas with the GAO, FEC and OGE

Prescription for power

By M. Asif Ismail

Drug makers' lobbying army ensures their legislative dominance

Video: LobbyWatch press conference

Watch the press conference in which the Center's executive director introduces LobbyWatch

Influencing the IRS

By Elizabeth Brown

Nearly 500 companies lobby the tax agency

Industry of influence nets more than $10 billion

By Alex Knott

Shadowy lobbyists ignore rules and exploit connections

Your tax dollars at work—on K Street

By Julia DiLaura

Cities, states and universities spend more than half a billion dollars lobbying

More than 2,000 spin through revolving door

By Elizabeth Brown

Nearly 250 former members of Congress and agency heads register to lobby

Breaking the law

By M. Asif Ismail

At least one in five companies lobbying fail to file required forms

States outpace Congress in upgrading lobbying laws

By Leah Rush and David Jiminez

24 states have made disclosure strides since 2003