An Expensive Proposition

By Jim Morris

Fiscal analyst says California ballot initiative could cost billions

Measure 37: The Great Debates

Listening in on Oregon Public Radio’s in-depth broadcasts

Arizona’s Million-Dollar Man

By Jim Morris

Pro-207 forces rake in more money from the Howard Rich machine.

In Idaho, It’s One For 2

By Josh Israel

Rich-backed organizations bankroll 98% of pro-Proposition 2 effort

The ‘Reason’ Road Map

By Jim Morris

Libertarian foundation laid out a plan for cloning Oregon experiment

Montana Supreme Court Weighs I-154’S Fate

By Josh Israel

Both sides in ballot-initiative fight file appeal briefs

Showdown In The West

By Jim Morris and Josh Israel

It’s over “regulatory takings,” and the political gunslinger is a wealthy real estate investor in New York City

A Get-Rich-Quick Story

By Jim Morris and Josh Israel

How the Proposition 90 forces landed their biggest donor

The ‘Other’ Howard

By Lisa M. Fetta

While he’s put $200,000 behind Proposition 90, Howard Ahmanson, Jr., says that he’s never even spoken to Howard Rich

The High-Stakes State

By Jim Morris and Josh Israel

Opponents say Proposition 90 could be ‘devastating’

Howard Rich Speaks

By Josh Israel

Editor of nonprofit newspaper scores a scoop — an interview with the interview-averse political financier

‘Yes On 90’ Group Gets Richer

By Jim Morris

Wealthy New Yorker pours in another $1 million

Who’s Bankrolling The Initiatives?

An updated rundown of where the money’s coming from

The Oregon Trial

By Jim Morris

What’s to learn from one state’s property-rights experiment?

In Idaho, The “No” Forces Ramp Up

New organization to lead fight against Proposition 2

Boom And Bust

By Josh Israel

In Missouri, an expensive proposition that didn’t make it to the finish line

Ad Wars 2004

By Josh Israel

How the “Yes” and “No” forces made their cases on Oregon’s Measure 37

Montana Court Says “No” To Initiative

By Josh Israel

Next stop: State Supreme Court

Nevada’s Big Nix

By Josh Israel

State Supreme Court strips ‘takings’ portions of Question 2

Proposition 207 Gets A Green Light

By Josh Israel

Arizona Supreme Court allows takings initiative to stay on November ballot

Let The Battle Begin

By Josh Israel

Washington State group strikes first with “No on 933” television ad

States With Failed Initiatives

By Josh Israel

Missouri, Colorado, and Oklahoma


Understanding the Takings Iniaitives Terminology

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