Center posts state legislators' personal financial disclosure

By Sarah Laskow

Depending on where you live, the personal finance disclosure statements of your state legislators may be easy, or difficult to find.

Ga. leads states shining more light on legislator finances

By Leah Rush and David Jimenez

Center launches Web tool offering easier access to state disclosure filings

Posted: State legislators' 2004 personal disclosures

By Susan Schaab

The Center posts its findings on state legislators' personal finance disclosures from the year 2004

Frequently asked questions

By Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis answers questions about the Center's recent project and the more general issue of ethics in state legislatures today.


By The Center for Public Integrity

The reporting process, and the reporters, behind Our Private Legislators

Voting procedure

By The Center for Public Integrity

What should a lawmaker with personal stakes in a bill do when the time comes to vote on it?

Public service, personal gain

Legislators hold private financial interests in laws

Nationwide numbers

Not necessarily showing a conflict of interest, this analysis measures the potential for a conflict

Looking out for #1

A list of potential reasons a lawmaker may seek to better his or her own interests before those of the public.

Hidden agendas

By The Center for Public Integrity

How state legislators keep conflicts of interest under wraps