Ga. leads states shining more light on legislator finances

By Leah Rush and David Jimenez

Center launches Web tool offering easier access to state disclosure filings

States outpace Congress in upgrading lobbying laws

By Leah Rush and David Jimenez

24 states have made disclosure strides since 2003

State lobbyists near the $1 billion mark

By Neil Gordon

Laws in flux for 19 states

Lobbying laws in the states

By Neil Gordon

A round-up of lobbying laws that have recently been enacted or changed

Georgia beefs up disclosure

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2005 — In the last vote of this year's session, the Georgia General Assembly on Thursday, March 31, passed House Bill 4

Posted: State legislators' 2004 personal disclosures

By Susan Schaab

The Center posts its findings on state legislators' personal finance disclosures from the year 2004

Frequently asked questions

By Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis answers questions about the Center's recent project and the more general issue of ethics in state legislatures today.


By The Center for Public Integrity

The reporting process, and the reporters, behind Our Private Legislators

Voting procedure

By The Center for Public Integrity

What should a lawmaker with personal stakes in a bill do when the time comes to vote on it?

Under pressure

By Robert Morlino

Hot-button issues spur lobby spending as some states weaken disclosure

Hired guns - Initial report

By Robert Morlino, Leah Rush and Derek Willis

Lobbyists spend loads of money to influence legislators—and in many states, with too little scrutiny

Sunset in Harrisburg

By Robert Morlino

Lack of lobbyist regulation results in a zero score for Pennsylvania

How the Feds stack up

Not good - Federal lobby disclosure law is substantially weaker than most states'


A look behind the Center's reporting for "Hired Guns"

The merchant of death

By André Verlöy

With 300 employees and a large fleet of cargo planes, Victor Bout's actions were near impossible to track

Drugs, diamonds and deadly cargoes

By Alain Lallemand

Israeli Leonid Minin has an expensive drug habit, and a fondness for beautiful woman and polished diamonds

The field marshal

By Alain Lallemand

Arms middleman Jacques Monsieur did business with little secrecy

The influence peddlers

By Yossi Melman and Julio Godoy

Arcadi Gaydamak epitomized the business of war in the post-Cold War era – an entrepreneur with global ties to resource exploitation

The adventure capitalist

By Mungo Soggot and Phillip van Niekerk

Niko Shefer's takeover of Africa

Conflict diamonds are forever

By Mungo Soggot

De Beers Mines strike major diamond find in area previously believed to be worthless

Greasing the skids of corruption

By Phillip van Niekerk and Laura Peterson

Money from multinational oil companies moves through labyrinths of international bank accounts, avoiding national budgets and banks

Marketing the new 'Dogs of War'

By Duncan Campbell

Sri Lankans hire Tim Spicer, a man already involved in global mercenary activities

Making a killing

By Phillip van Niekerk

Overview story for Making a killing: The business of war

Privatizing combat, the new world order

By Laura Peterson

In 1998, the U.S. had a military presence in a remote African war that drew little attention from the media

The curious bonds of oil diplomacy

By Sunday Dare

U.S. oil firms had invested over $3 billion in Equatorial Guinea in 2002

Study finds $565 million spent on lobbying in the states in 2000

By John Dunbar and Leah Rush

The Center finds nearly half a billion spent in 34 states on lobbying


By The Center for Public Integrity

A snapshot of ethics practices in Connecticut


By The Center for Public Integrity

A snapshot of ethics practices in Utah

New York

By The Center for Public Integrity

A snapshot of ethics practices in New York


By The Center for Public Integrity

A snapshot of ethics practices in Florida