District of Columbia’s poor pay triple for sub-par Internet service

By Laurel Adams

Poor residents of Washington, D.C. receive the worst internet service and pay three times more than wealthier neighborhoods, according to a

Billions set aside to bridge broadband gap before creating plan on how to spend money

By John Dunbar

The government has created a $7.2 billion spending program aimed at providing access to broadband for Americans who have missed out on the b

Who will map U.S. broadband?

By Te-Ping Chen

There’s a $350 million slice of pie in President Obama’s stimulus plan that watchdog groups are starting to eye with concern. At stake is th

Digital transition a mess, but in entirely unexpected way

By John Dunbar

Imagine paying $556 million for a house and then the seller — after cashing your check — says you have to wait an extra four months before y

The 700 (MHz) Club

By Brendan McGarry

When lobbying the FCC, sometimes less is more

Ready, fire aim? Public broadband grants wait for no plan

By John Dunbar

The government's $7.2 billion broadband spending plan goes ahead spending minus the plan

Center spearheads efforts to disclose broadband data

By Drew Clark

Telco deployment by ZIP Code at issue in legislation

As FCC Chair Martin resigns, he leaves controversial legacy

By John Dunbar

Consumer-friendly policies, but a prickly personal style

In political contributions, Zell leans right and wife leans left

By Brendan McGarry and Ben Welsh

Nearly 70 percent of prospective Tribune Co. owner's donations to Republicans

Center's suit to get broadband data draws industry interest, comment

By Drew Clark

AT&T, Verizon Intervene in Center's Suit Against FCC

State utility commissions fail transparency test

By John Dunbar and Leah Rush

Half of states fail Center survey

Nice work if you can get it

By John Dunbar

Political patronage rules in state utility commissions

More cities offering wireless Internet access

By David Baumgarten

Bells call it unfair competition

Former Bells dial up big numbers in statehouses

By John Dunbar

SBC is No. 1 in both lobbying and contributions

The cost of indecency

By John Dunbar

Big settlements lead to tamer airwaves

Two hundred channels and nothing on – literally

By Robert Morlino

Low-power TV mogul hopes for big payoff

Industry battles re-regulation

By John Dunbar

Cable lobbying climbs by 50 percent

Sinclair flap proves exception to the rule

By Robert Morlino

Broadcasters split the ticket when it comes to contributions

Bells vs. AT&T

By Daniel Lathrop

Telephone companies spend hundreds of millions to influence policy

Broadcast lobbying tops $186 million

By Robert Morlino

One story you won't hear on the news

From government service to private practice

By Daniel Lathrop

Writers of telecom law move to K Street

Networks of influence

By John Dunbar, Daniel Lathrop and Robert Morlino

The political power of the communications industry

Anatomy of a lobbying blitz

By John Dunbar

Cable industry enlists diverse crowd in high-level influence campaign

Baby Bells paying to play

By John Dunbar

Bells paid two-thirds of fines and settlements since Jan. 2000

Group wants truth in cell phone billing

By Morgan Jindrich

Wireless firms bill clients $937 million for 'federal recovery fees'

Indecency on the air

By John Dunbar

Shock-radio jock Howard Stern remains 'King of All Fines'

FCC managers still flying free

FCC officials accepted nearly $2.8 million in travel and entertainment expenses over the past eight years

Prepaid profit plan for wireless companies

By Morgan Jindrich

Top firms have banked $629 million for service not yet offered

FCC dawdled as radio grew

By John Dunbar

How did companies like Clear Channel come to dominate radio markets? Blame FCC inaction