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Black lung investigation honored

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Big radio rules in small markets

By John Dunbar and Aron Pilhofer

A few behemoths dominate medium-sized cities throughout the U.S.

FCC plans to nix industry-paid travel

By John Dunbar

Agency chair seeks $500,000 increase in travel budget to "largely eliminate" industry perks

The FCC's strange non-profit

FCC Chairman Michael Powell runs venture capital firm that claims it's private

Bill would eliminate industry-sponsored travel for FCC

Bill would eliminate industry-sponsored travel for FCC

FCC votes 3-2 to loosen media rules

Votes were filed along party lines

Behind closed doors

Top broadcasters met 71 times with FCC officials

A penchant for secrecy

By John Dunbar

Why the FCC so determined to keep key data from the public

On the road again—and again

By Morgan Jindrich

FCC officials rack up $2.8 million travel tab with industries they regulate

Captive audience

By John Dunbar

A few big media firms dominate 4 of 5 FCC commissioners' hometownsA few big media firms dominate 4 of 5 FCC commissioners' hometowns

FCC makes new rules to reform troubled program

FCC makes new rules to reform troubled program

The FCC's rapidly revolving door

By John Dunbar

SBC senior veep a glaring example

Congressmen call for probe of fraud-plagued phone fund for schools, libraries

Rep. W.J. Tauzin and Sen. Conrad Burns, who oversee telecommunications issues, begin investigations into the E-Rate fund


By Charles Lewis

Relaxing media ownership rules conflicts with the public's right to know

Phone fund for schools, libraries riddled with fraud

Government officials say they don't have the resources to fix the Universal Service Fund

Broadcast industry defeats Shays-Meehan provision

By John Dunbar

The cost of campaigns has skyrocketed over the last decades in part because of the high costs of television advertising

New FCC chairman had big telephone player as a major client

By Nathaniel Heller

Financial disclosure reports show Michael Powell's former clients include a major telephone provider

Telecom chief could face conflict issues

By Kristen Dorsey

Nancy J. Victory, now a key commerce department official, has worked telecommunication and wireless firms that she now oversees


What is the Media Tracker?

Internet voting project cost Pentagon $73,809 per vote

By John Dunbar

Details about the two-and-a-half-year project come as the concept of cyberspace voting takes a beating