FACT CHECK: Romney didn’t OK new benefits for illegal immigrants

By FactCheck.Org

Contrary to Gov. Rick Perry's claim, Mass. 2006 health care law included no coverage for illegal immigrants

FACT CHECK: Will health care law raise insurance premiums?

By FactCheck.Org

Republicans exaggerate an increase caused by the new law, but Obama promised lower premiums

What's next for Libya? Questions after Gadhafi's death

By iWatch News

His family's wealth is reported in the billions: Many challenges and questions arise after his death

Swedish journalists, charged with terrorism, on trial in Ethiopia

By Ricardo Sandoval Palos

Invesgitation into human rights abuses in remote corner of Ethiopia land Swedish journalists in Addis Ababa jail

IGs lauded for sniffing out potential savings of $87.2 billion in last year

By Corbin Hiar

IG community's greatest hits of 2010 get a shoutout

Cartels carve new drug routes in Central America

By Nick Miroff

In a Belizean town known for its trade in contraband, illicit drugs cast a new shadow

FACT CHECK: Perry campaign uses selective editing to claim Romney flip-flopped on the stimulus

By FactCheck.Org

FACT CHECK: Perry unfairly characterizes Romney on stimulus

Investigations Around the World

By Simona Raetz

Investigations from investigative reporting centers in Chile, Iraq and Florida

FACT CHECK: Fanciful ‘facts’ at Fox News debate

By FactCheck.Org

Candidates play fast and loose with facts about each other, history

Decades after war, millions of unexploded U.S. bombs haunt Laos

By Bobby Caina Calvan

"Bombies," or unexploded bombs dropped long ago still claim lives

Pentagon lacks funding to fix public schools on military bases

By Emma Schwartz

A senior Pentagon official says DOD is a billion short of what's needed to fix troubled public schools on military bases

Progress on government transparency threatened by proposed budget cuts

By Alexandra Duszak

Progress toward open government threatened by budget-cutting

Controversial FAA program serves just 153 communities at a cost of $200 million

By Corbin Hiar

Controversial air service subsidy lives on despite years of criticism

India: U.S. family planning aid in limbo

By Alexandra Duszak

Internal report finds USAID family planning effort suffering from poor management

A preemptive and false attack in Wisconsin

By FactCheck.Org

Former governor of Wis. slammed in ad for supporting Obamacare, increases in taxes and spending

FACT CHECK: Is Texas impervious to the recession?

By FactCheck.Org

Gov. Perry picks and chooses which economic statistics suit his presidential campaign, and his critics do the same

Many public schools on military bases get poor or failing report card

By Emma Schwartz

Pentagon confirms nearly 40 percent of public schools on bases are in poor or failing condition

Defense Department’s report card

By Emma Schwartz

In the months after 'Military Children Left Behind,' the Department of Defense releases a report on its public school on military bases

Corruption, the war on terror hindering food aid to southern Somalia

By Malik Siraj Akbar

Aid experts fear more delays from fallout of rampant theft of supplies and a U.S. ban on aid that might help Al-Qaeda-linked group

FACT CHECK: Attack ad on Mass. Senator largely unsupported

By FactCheck.Org

Attack ad calling Sen. Scott Brown a 'yes' man for GOP makes unfounded claims on his political record

State Dept. spends terrorism and emergency dollars on parties, rented linens and a kitchen

By Corbin Hiar

Auditors question some use of special State Dept. fund meant for crises, evacuations and other ‘extraordinary’ needs

FACT CHECK: Real origins of Obama's Canadian-American tour bus

By FactCheck.Org

Where President Obama's controversial tour bus actually came from

Global Muckraking

By Simona Raetz

Investigations by the BBC program, Panorama; Consejo de Redaccion and El Tiempo in Colombia; and Bloomberg Markets in the U.S.

Environmental law violations found at scores of tribal schools run by Interior Department

By Alexandra Duszak

Settlement details raft of risks to thousands of students, from arsenic in the water to asbestos in the heating system

FACT CHECK: Biden bungles talking point on debt

By FactCheck.Org

On his trip to China, Biden quells investors by claiming U.S. owns more of overall debt than it actually does