Alexander Cohen

Data Reporter  The Center for Public Integrity

Alexander Cohen rejoined the Center in 2013 after serving as Reuters’s campaign data reporter for the 2012 election. At Reuters, he analyzed contributions from top technology companies to the Obama and Romney campaigns, served as the lead reporter on a story revealing that Romney's national energy adviser made political contributions exceeding federal legal limits, and uncovered links between the Republican Party and a group of special operations “spies and commandos” formed to criticize Obama's national security record. Before Reuters, he served on the staff at Public Citizen, where he was chief investigator for the White House For Sale project, which examined the top bundlers and donors to the 2008 presidential candidates, and worked for the Center, where he analyzed classified documents stemming from the investigation of abuses at Abu Ghraib. While at the Center, he participated in its investigation of the Oil and Gas industry, winning a Sigma Delta Chi award from the Society of Professional Journalists and the Outstanding Online Reporting award from the Society of Environmental Journalists.

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