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Less than two years after turning control over to a privatized firm, Adelaide took on a certain stench

MELBOURNE, March 29, 1998 — They told Anna Vladimirovna that if she tried to escape, “things” could happen to her son and family back in the

AUSTRALIA, March 13, 1999 — The article was originally published in Australia's The Age, March 13, 1999. It is reprinted here with permissio

MELBOURNE, Australia, August 1, 2000 — Our high noon began on an ordinary morning at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. As the

Most of the reporting we do, even the in-depth investigative projects, stretches only as far as our borders

Yesterday a court awarded Melbourne grandmother Rolah Ann McCabe $700,000 in damages after she sued one of the world's lead

Leading Australian law firm, Clayton Utz, faces at least two inquiries about its involvement in destroying thous

AUSTRALIA, April 25, 2002 — The behavior of Clayton Utz and Mallesons Stephen Jaques lawyers in advising Australia's biggest tobacco company

AUSTRALIA, April 25, 2002 — Cigarette companies knew as early as the 1950s that they would need a healthy image to protect their profits. So