Bill Buzenberg

The Center for Public Integrity

Bill Buzenberg became Executive Director of the Center for Public Integrity in January 2007. The Center is an investigative news organization based in Washington, D.C. with a 20-year track record and some 37 first place national journalism awards. Buzenberg was Vice President of News for National Public Radio, as well as an NPR foreign affairs correspondent and London bureau chief from 1978-1997. He was responsible for launching Talk of the Nation, as well as the expansion of All Things Considered and the extension of NPR’s newscasts services to 24 hours a day. During his tenure, the NPR News Division was honored with 9 DuPont-Columbia University batons and 10 Peabody Awards. He was also Senior Vice President of News at American Public Media / Minnesota Public Radio from 1998-2006 where he won his second DuPont-Columbia gold baton. Buzenberg launched American RadioWorks, public radio’s major documentary and investigative journalism unit, and Speaking of Faith, public radio’s signature program on religion. He also began Public Insight Journalism, an innovative use of technology to draw knowledge from the audience. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Buzenberg has been recognized for his work numerous times, including the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award, public radio’s highest honor. He was co-editor of the memoirs of the late CBS News President Richard Salant (SalantCBS, and the Battle for the Soul of Broadcast Journalism). A graduate of Kansas State University, Buzenberg has also been awarded fellowships for his studies at the University of Michigan, the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, and the Institute of Politics at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. Buzenberg left the Center in January, 2015.

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