Mar Cabra

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Leaked documents show how Luxembourg is a “magical fairyland” for global corporations seeking to slash their tax bills.

Files shed light on more than 20,000 tax haven clients from Hong Kong and mainland China.

The paper trail following human remains is not foolproof — in some cases, infected tissue can be impossible to track down.

Long overdue Chilean vote unblocks efforts to impose binding regulations on fishing quotas across the southern Pacific

'Missing' fish in Peru simply not counted

Fishing nations failed to stop plunder in the South Pacific

La depredación del Pacífico Sur

Fishing fleets have devastated stocks in the southern Pacific, once among the world’s richest waters

Spanish ship-owner nets nearly two years for Chilean sea bass fraud

Spanish fishing industry officials wrote letter to prime minister to complain about ICIJ's 'Looting the Seas II' investigation

Some nonprofits on the verge of getting government protection, even after acts of misconduct

Fish in Spain Not Always What the Label Says

The fish we buy is not always what the label says. Consumers are cheated in Spain and around the world.

Out-of-control subsidies have helped Spain build up a fleet that breaks the law at home and abroad

Company received $12 million in public aid even as it faced more than 40 allegations of illegal fishing