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An array of new interests joins Washington's climate change debate

U.S. businesses work to keep expectation for America's climate change effort as low as possible

Industry pressures and national agendas dim prospects for a climate treaty

Can a $2 trillion 'cap and trade' market fight climate change?

Will thousands of lobbyists imperil action on global warming?

Hundreds of lobbyists are cramming into Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building this week for the House Energy and Commerce Committee

The Obama administration is getting plenty of input on the Farm Belt’s favorite alternative fuel — ethanol. Of specific interest: whether it

October 2, 1999 — On the Friday before Labor Day 1998, with much of official Washington already on its last summer trek to seashore or home

A new anti-abortion group has its sights set beyond just running ads and launching viral Internet attacks on Barack Obama. The group wants t

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich isn’t running for president this year, but due to a gusher of support for his campaign to promote opening

Everyone is in favor of renewable energy — even members of Congress who have voted against it repeatedly. Such are the strange politics behi

Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson upped his ante in former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's unregulated issues-advocacy group in August,

It has to be one of the more obscure subjects ever addressed in a news release from a major presidential campaign. John McCain — who two wee

With Capitol Hill consumed by the nation’s financial crisis, time is running out on the broader search to find out just what happened behind

An advocacy group run by a political operative with oil industry ties (and a famous photo-op history) is spearheading a late advertising bli

A lawyer who has represented some of the nation’s largest banks — and helped them in their bids to grow even larger — has been tapped to adv

Wonder why you’re seeing so much corporate- and union-sponsored political advertising this election cycle? You have the anti-abortion moveme

They’re doing it for the kids. The nation’s leading drug makers have underwritten the largest political issue advertising campaign on the ai

At the same time that ExxonMobil was racking up the largest quarterly profit of any U.S. company in history — $14.8 billion — the oil giant

The idea of an “energy stimulus” is picking up momentum in the corridors of power, along with a fancy new title. Look for such a plan, perha

There’s an early energy test coming for the new Congress. The question: Will lawmakers follow the lead of 29 states and the District of Colu

The Bush administration today lost one of its main talking points for defending its approach of relying on voluntary measures to address cli

When a farmer sows a field of corn in Iowa to meet the nation’s growing demand for the alternative fuel ethanol, is a corner of the Brazilia

For indignant defendants proclaiming their innocence, felons cooling their heels in prison, or even those on the street who just want to cle

If you, like PaperTrail, try to keep tabs on the lobbyists roaming Capitol Hill, you were probably equally confused when, as of the January

Bruce Springsteen has waded into a Badlands more menacing than any of the shadowy worlds he has conjured in his 35-year songwriting career:

President Obama might as well have yelled “Charge!” to the cavalry of climate change lobbyists when he released his budget plan — a plan tha

Almost 4.1 billion pounds of toxic chemicals were released to the environment in the United States in 2007, according to new data from the E

Activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is praising the Obama administration for moving to stop “the greatest environmental tragedy ever to befall ou

The outline of a federal policy on climate change will begin to take shape tomorrow, as House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry W