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The Center for Public Integrity

DOD personnel took $26 million in travel from industry, foreign governments.

EPA data shows that the number of reported human health problems increased by about 300 percent over the past decade.

An array of new interests joins Washington's climate change debate

Investigation into climate change lobbying groups yields little transparency

Before setting off a neurotoxic bug bomb in your house, you might want to try a couple of less extreme measures first: maybe clean up a litt

Last June Diane Bromenschenkel applied a flea-and-tick product to her English pointer, Wings, so the dog wouldn’t get ticks while hunting ph

Back in December, our story, Pets and Pesticides: Let’s Be Careful Out There, reported that an alarming number of deaths had been linked to

If you read today's New York Times, you're likely familiar with the story of former Army surgeon Timothy R. Kuklo, a paid consultant to Medt

The Environmental Protection Agency stirred some excitement last month when it announced plans to begin “intensifying” the evaluation of spo

Earlier this month, the Center received a five-page “open letter” from Hartz Mountain Corporation alleging that our 12/16/08 story, Pets and

After years of fielding complaints about the ubiquitous weed-killer and water pollutant atrazine, the Environmental Protection Agency has de

When President Barack Obama meets with Congressional leadership on Thursday to jump start stalled health reform efforts, industry lobbyists

The Environmental Protection Agency is ordering clearer labels for all “spot-on” flea and tick treatments applied directly to dogs’ and cats

While patients, taxpayers and lawmakers debate the impact of the health care reform law President Obama signed on Tuesday, one result of the

Two refineries owned by oil giant BP account for 97 percent of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by government safety i

Businesses, trade groups and other interests hired more than five lobbyists for each member of Congress to influence financial regulatory re

Top 10 lobby firms in financial reform debate

As Congress works to finalize a financial regulatory reform bill, one result is clear: The debate has been a boon to Washington lobby firms.

Top 10 lobby firms take financial reform to the bank

Just 10 Washington lobbying firms represented more than 130 key clients in the financial regulatory reform debate that is entering a crucial

More than half of the lobbying force seeking to influence landmark financial reform legislation is made up of former members of Congress, Ca

Earlier this week, seven former executives of Union Carbide India Ltd. were convicted of “death by negligence” and sentenced to two-year jai

A class-action lawsuit against BP seeking compensation on behalf of Florida condominium owners for decreased property values as a result of

Citing a Center for Public Integrity investigation of BP refineries having the most egregious safety violations in the industry, Democratic

UPDATED BP will pay a $50.6 million penalty and spend at least $500 million to upgrade its Texas City, Texas, refinery where a 2005 explosio

The nation’s refineries are plagued by equipment failures and sometimes-fatal accidents that in many cases could have been prevented.