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Michael Beckel

Reporter  The Center for Public Integrity

Michael Beckel joined the Center for Public Integrity as a politics reporter in February 2012, where his focus is super PACs and the influence of money on elections. He previously worked for three years as the money-in-politics reporter for the Center for Responsive Politics. There, Beckel's exploits took him inside the U.S. Supreme Court multiple times, including the oral arguments of the landmark campaign finance case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Earlier, he completed a yearlong editorial fellowship with Mother Jones magazine, wrote for two alternative newsweeklies in Colorado and performed legislative research at Project Vote Smart. Beckel is a 2005 graduate of Colorado College.

A new Center for Public Integrity money-in-politics index highlights the year's top stories and key trends.

Democratic lawmaker Collin Peterson says a secretive nonprofit's media blitz makes him more likely to seek re-election.

Pro-lesbian super PAC founder and Obama campaign bundler Laura Ricketts named Kennedy Center trustee.

Don’t support ‘campaign finance reform’? Try combating ‘corruption’ instead.

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing new rules that could curb the ability of social welfare nonprofits to influence elections.

Influential National Turkey Federation behind time-honored Thanksgiving tradition.

The liberal League of Conservation Voters is fast becoming one of the nation’s strongest 'dark money' forces.

Priorities USA Action raised $8.4 million in 2012, the bulk of which came from four unnamed donors.

Meet the pro-coal group that spent millions attacking Obama while telling the IRS it wasn't engaged in candidate elections.

Americans for Prosperity, a conservative nonprofit, spent $122 million last year — exponentially more than it ever has.

Controversial pro-business think tank received $10,000 from Nuclear Energy Institute last year, new documents show.

Libertarians pleased with showing in Virginia gubernatorial race, where super PACs bolstered their underdog candidate.

Major campaign fundraiser and soap opera producer Colleen Bell nominated to be next ambassador to Hungary.

President Obama has named two more of his top campaign fundraisers for plum, overseas diplomatic posts.

Four unnamed contributors provided most of the $15 million raised last year by the tea party-aligned nonprofit.

The online social networking giant is spending record levels on lobbying.

Pharmacy chain's donation to Michigan governor's group offers a rare glimpse into the funding of politically active nonprofits.

President's comments linking 'McCutcheon' Supreme Court challenge to government shutdown also aim to rally his base.

Nine justices appeared divided on 'McCutcheon' campaign money case.

Conservative donors who maxed out during the 2012 election far outnumbered liberals.

Fred Eychaner, the top Democratic super PAC donor in 2012, gave more money to federal candidates than legally allowed.

Lead plaintiff in upcoming Supreme Court campaign finance case gave Alabama GOP more money than federal law allows, records show.

Conservative lawyer Dan Backer launches 'nonpartisan' group to facilitate political refunds.

The high-profile retailer that made a corporate super PAC donation last year has launched a new company PAC.

Republican Robert L. Fortes, a former Boston city council candidate and charter school lobbyist, has formed a novel super PAC.

Goldman Sachs executive is 20th campaign bundler nominated for an ambassadorship by Obama this year.

Follow President Obama's ambassador appointments and see how much campaign money they raised.

New York City businessman pleads guilty for work done in 2008 to support Hillary Clinton.

Obama's two new picks for elections agency must wait a little longer to learn their fate.

'West Virginians for Results' registered by D.C. attorney with strong ties to Republicans.