Peter H. Stone

Team Leader, Money and Politics  The Center for Public Integrity

For the last two decades, Peter Stone has covered a wide array of lobbying and campaign finance issues in Washington. At National Journal, where he spent almost 18 years, Stone broke several scoops on the Jack Abramoff influence peddling scandal. He came to Washington to work for Legal Times in 1990 where he helped lead the paper’s reporting on the BCCI lobbying scandal. Prior to Washington, Stone did a three year stint at The Hartford Courant reporting on insurance and banking, and spent a decade in New York freelancing for papers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Newsday and magazines including The Atlantic, The Nation, and New Times. He started his career at the late muckraking magazine Ramparts, where he was one of the editors in the early 1970’s. Stone is the author of the recently released paperback Casino Jack and the United States of Money about the Abramoff scandal (this is an expanded and updated version of his 2006 book Heist). Stone studied modern European history at the University of Chicago.

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