Rachel Baye

American University Fellow  The Center for Public Integrity

Rachel Baye joined the Center in August 2013. Prior to joining, she spent two years at The Washington Examiner covering Washington, D.C.’s Maryland suburbs and education. She arrived at the Examiner in 2011 immediately after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania where she led the school’s award-winning student newspaper. She has also held internships at Philadelphia’s public radio station, WHYY, and with CNN’s investigative team. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in journalism and public affairs from American University.

A Wisconsin probe into recall campaigns highlights murky rules nationwide about how much candidates and outside groups can coordinate.

In the 50 states and DC, whether high court judges are appointed or elected depends.

Judicial elections are often criticized for corrupting influence, but appointment process has problems too.

Ads intended to influence elections often not reported because sponsors claim they are about issues.

Groups funded by billionaires back state-level candidates who want to weaken teachers unions and promote charter schools.

An upstart battles a giant.

Nearly one-fifth of upper chamber members say they support e-filing campaign finance reports — but won't be this week.

Cuccinelli slams McAuliffe for accepting out-of-state cash while raking in millions from governors association.