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Susan Ferriss

Reporter  The Center for Public Integrity

Susan Ferriss has investigated a range of issues, from environmental destruction and real-estate fraud to police corruption and international drug trafficking. As a prize-winning Latin America correspondent for Cox Newspapers, her reports included stories on child labor, child migration and transnational gangs. She also covered California state government, politics and immigration at the Sacramento Bee. Susan is co-author of The Fight in the Fields, a history of Cesar Chavez and the farmworker movement.

Coverage areas

Ethnic minority children will be majority of U.S. kids in four years, but face barriers to success in some places.

A judge freed a foster girl from adult jail after a school police arrest, but N.C. social services fail to come get her.

Holder, Duncan express shock at suspensions of thousands of preschoolers.

As California readies to direct millions to districts with neediest kids, a new policy brief warns against spending it on campus security.

Researchers and educators urge schools to embrace alternatives to kicking kids out on suspension.

Numbers of Central American and Mexico minors who say they're fleeing violence are surging.

'My Brother's Keeper' is a $200 million program aimed at keeping minority youth out of the criminal justice system.

New California data reveal 12 percent drop in suspensions, expulsions.

City by the Bay pulls back on interrogations and arrests.

North Carolina complaint complaint alleges heavy-handed tactics inside schools.

Departments of Education and Justice team up to produce resource for school discipline and role of school police.

Black students are only 8% of S.F. high schoolers, yet 50% of those suspended for 'willful defiance.'

After years of issuing thousands of tickets to students for minor infractions, L.A. school police will no longer cite kids 12 and younger.

Andy Lopez, 13, was shot dead by deputies in California who came upon him walking with a pellet gun shaped like an AK-47.

Advocates upset by Gov. Jerry Brown's veto of bill they say would limit student transfers to 'community schools'

New report says teens involved in prostitution should be treated as victims.

Disciplined teens get no education for months because they can't do commute.

As states confront high costs of incarceration, a push to better help kids before they become adult offenders.

Report questions 'disproportionate' targeting by Oakland police

Center piece on 'throwaway kids' spurs search for alternatives.

California litigation cites 'unconscionable conditions' in Contra Costa County.

The Advancement Project, a civil rights initiative, holds conference in D.C. to address educators' frustrations as well as student concerns.

This week's news about teen prostitution rings are a reminder that educators can help keep teens from predators.

Youths in Florida and other states speak out against Stand Your Ground laws, racial profiling, following Zimmerman verdict.

Strict district policies, distance from alternatives leave some disciplined teens no option but to school themselves.

L.A. school board limits suspensions for "willful defiance"

Human Rights Watch investigates how minors, even for innocuous offenses, can end up on sex-offender registries for life.

Golden State lawmakers latest to think about limits.

New immigration bill may ease years-long 'bars' that have split spouses and children

Report says minorities are cited disproportionately