Following record temperatures in 2010, lobbyists likely to turn up heat

By Laurel Adams

New data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released today showing that 2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest year

Modest progress expected at climate talks in Cancun

By Marina Walker Guevara

International climate change negotiations resumed today at a UN meeting in Mexico, but gains are expected to be modest and focused on narrow

Lobbyists rush to block EPA action on climate change

By Marianne Lavelle

Like a lot of industry groups, the farm lobby says it would prefer that Congress tackle climate change rather than leaving the job to the bu

The climate lobby from soup to nuts

By Marianne Lavelle and M.B. Pell

An array of new interests joins Washington's climate change debate

A global lack of transparency

By M.B. Pell

Investigation into climate change lobbying groups yields little transparency

Industry targets Tokyo's ambitious new climate goals

By Akiko Kashiwagi

Japan's new government proves tough to lobby

The climate lobby at Copenhagen

By The PaperTrail Staff

Join reporters Kate Willson and Andrew Green in Copenhagen as the Center's International Consortium of Investigative Journalists tracks the

The EU's billion-Euro bet

By Brigitte Alfter

How Europe ended up paying industry for carbon capture and storage

European ambitions hit a wall of carbon

By Brigitte Alfter

Business and industry pare back EU climate goals

Canada's about-face on climate

By William Marsden

Tar sands and a tough business lobby pull Ottawa far from Copenhagen

India struggles to confront climate change

By Murali Krishnan

A billion people, a growing economy, and rising emissions

Caught between competing interests in Brazil

By Fernando Rodrigues and Marcelo Soares

Plentiful oil, politics, in addition to fast growth, all making it tough to reduce carbon emissions

A climate dilemma for China

By Christina Larson

The world leader in economic growth and carbon emissions faces competing forces

BINGOs and the global lobbyist

By Kate Willson

Industry climate change reps "loitering" instead of lobbying

A case of lowered expectations in the US

By Marianne Lavelle

U.S. businesses work to keep expectation for America's climate change effort as low as possible

"Brown down" in Australia

By Marian Wilkinson, Ben Cubby and Flint Duxfield

Business interests thwart carbon controls on the hottest, driest continent

Toward a stalemate in Copenhagen

By Marianne Lavelle

Industry pressures and national agendas dim prospects for a climate treaty

Key Findings

By iWatch News

A summary of ICIJ's findings from The Global Climate Change Lobby project

Shake-ups at high-profile coal industry group

By Marianne Lavelle

With its hefty bankroll and polished messaging, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity looked like a juggernaut going into the cl

Second quarter data added to Center's climate lobby database

By The PaperTrail Staff

Last week, the Center published a new investigation into the more than 460 new businesses and interest groups that jumped into lobbying Cong

Tally of interests on climate bill tops a thousand

By Marianne Lavelle

More than 460 new businesses and interest groups jumped into lobbying Congress on global warming in the weeks before the House neared its hi

Newt’s new money to fight climate change bill

By Marianne Lavelle

The world’s largest coal company and one of the nation’s top fossil-fueled power companies are among the leading donors so far this year to


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