The Podestas' hot seats on climate change

By Marianne Lavelle

It’s Washington’s version of Family Feud, starring those well-connected Podestas. Today’s category: global warming....

Southern Company dominates the climate lobbying scene

By Marianne Lavelle and David Donald

Southern Company, the nation’s largest electric power generator, also had the largest force of lobbyists among the hundreds of businesses an

Businesses lobby on climate, but don’t detail risks

By Matthew Lewis

One of the nation’s largest energy companies, DTE Energy is deeply embroiled in the climate change debate on Capitol Hill. The Detroit-based

Tech firms jump Into fray on climate lobbying

By Marianne Lavelle

Last year, Internet auction giant eBay completed the largest commercial solar installation in San Jose at the company’s environmentally frie

The top 10 companies lobbying on climate change

By Marianne Lavelle

Some lobbyists have even more reason than others to be hanging out in Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building this week during the ma

The climate lobby's nonstop growth

By Marianne Lavelle

Makers of sneakers, blue jeans, and computer network servers joined forces late last fall and vowed a bigger push in Congress on climate cha

Climate change lobbying dominated by 10 firms

By Marianne Lavelle and Matthew Lewis

Hundreds of lobbyists are cramming into Room 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building this week for the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Less clean coal lobbying? Not exactly

By Marianne Lavelle

Don’t think that the “clean coal” blitz faded in the first months of the Obama administration just because newly filed disclosure forms show

The ‘clean coal’ lobbying blitz

By Marianne Lavelle

They’ve brought coal above ground. They’ve put the black rock on billboards in the swing states, and they’ve splashed it on full-page ads i

Last minute flurry of ethanol lobbying at OMB

By Marianne Lavelle

The Obama administration is getting plenty of input on the Farm Belt’s favorite alternative fuel — ethanol. Of specific interest: whether it

Disclosure filings by lobbyists still incomplete

By Matthew Lewis

After a rash of congressional ethics scandals, Congress toughened up lobbying disclosure rules by passing the Honest Leadership and Open Gov

Climate lobbying heats up at the state level

By Te-Ping Chen

As it turns out, the Center’s report last month on the 2,340 lobbyists working on federal climate change policy here in D.C. was just the ti

Bush climate change experts still pushing policy

By Te-Ping Chen

The Bush administration may have packed its boxes, but members of its climate change policy team have unloaded theirs at addresses all aroun

A new power player in the climate lobby

By Matthew Lewis

The power industry trade group Edison Electric Institute this week announced its newest hire — Brian L. Wolff, the executive director of the

Advocates for climate change action face pressure from lobbyists, skeptics

By Marianne Lavelle

President Obama might as well have yelled “Charge!” to the cavalry of climate change lobbyists when he released his budget plan — a plan tha

Could climate change bill mean new funding?

By Matthew Lewis

The National Surface Transportation Infrastructure Financing Commission released a much-anticipated "road map" this morning to help guide Co

Following Obama’s speech, parsing key players for global warming legislation

By Matthew Lewis

In last night’s speech, President Obama called on attendees to send him "legislation that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution." A

The climate lobbyists

By Matthew Lewis

A sampling of power players

Carbon as a commodity

By Marianne Lavelle

Can a $2 trillion 'cap and trade' market fight climate change?

Transportation agencies steer into climate change debate

By Matthew Lewis

With billions of dollars at stake, mass transit lobby works Capitol Hill


By The Center for Public Integrity

The Center for Public Integrity compiled its climate lobby database from lobbying disclosure reports filed with the Secretary of the Senate’


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The climate change lobby explosion

By Marianne Lavelle

Will thousands of lobbyists imperil action on global warming?


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