One town’s recurring coal ash nightmare

By Kristen Lombardi

Stand before the pond known here in southwestern Pennsylvania as Little Blue Run, and you’ll see nothing that resembles its bucolic-sounding

IMPACT: House committee limits EPA ability to regulate coal ash

By Evan Bush

IMPACT: Democrats help GOP pass coal ash bill out of committee

Dispute in Pennsylvania town highlights EPA's coal ash dilemma

By Amy Biegelsen

It was a windy Friday morning last December when Gary Kuklish stepped out of the post office in the tiny coal town of LaBelle, PA, looked do

Coal ash no worse than everyday trash, EPA rules

The EPA announced what it called a "milestone" rule for toxic coal ash, but critics say it doesn't go far enough.

EPA to regulate coal ash amid court settlement

By Kristen Lombardi

Facing a legal challenge from Earthjustice and others, the EPA agrees to set a plan by year's end to regulate coal ash.

EPA under the gun to regulate coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

Environmental Protection Agency faces new pressure to regulate disposal of the toxic waste for the first time after a judge's decision.

As EPA delays new coal ash rules, residents turn to the courts for relief

By Kristen Lombardi

Across the country, residents are challenging the health impact of coal ash ponds -- bringing lawsuits as EPA delays new rules.

State settlement boosts monitoring at massive coal ash dump bordering two states

By Chris Hamby

One of the nation’s largest impoundments of the often-toxic byproducts of burning coal must stop accepting waste by 2016.

IMPACT: Environmental groups sue EPA over lack of coal ash regulation

By Emma Schwartz

Groups sue EPA over lack of coal ash regulation.

Coal ash spills into Lake Michigan after bluff collapse

By Sarah Whitmire

A bluff collapse dumps hazardous waste from WI power plant into Lake Michigan

Republicans score another symbolic defeat for EPA — this time over toxic coal ash

By Alexandra Duszak

Lack of federal oversight of coal ash cleanup continues with recent House legislation

EPA releases utilities' plans to make coal ash storage safer

By John Solomon

Utilities craft plans for safer storage of a toxic coal power byproduct

Republicans move forward against coal ash regulation

By Chris Hamby

Amid health risks, worries about a threat to jobs and the economy

Republican duo supported by energy industry seek to rein in EPA on coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

Two recipients of congressional campaign dollars from the energy industry seek to stymie environmental protections on coal ash. Their method

"Beneficial use" of Coal Ash in question as EPA mulls regulation

By Kristen Lombardi

Nearly every day over the last 32 months, members of a citizens group in Giles County, Va., have paid a visit to a seven-acre stretch of lan

A public with lots to tell EPA about coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

Diane Hofner had a banner full of pictures and a six-minute power point presentation to display what she calls “unsupervised” pollution — bl

EPA scolded for website that appeared to endorse coal ash products

By Laurel Adams

An Environmental Protection Agency website about products made from coal ash failed to disclose contamination risks and gave the improper ap

Utilities, citizens weigh in on coal ash regulation

Steven Fox of Chesapeake, Va. says the first he heard of a coal ash dump site near his home was when he read a local newspaper story about h

EPA sets public hearings on coal ash disposal options

By Kristen Lombardi

Environmental advocates plan to organize citizens by the busload for a series of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency meetings on its propos

Democrats join fight against coal ash regulation

By Kristen Lombardi

A bipartisan majority of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is voicing “strong opposition” to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA moves to regulate toxic coal waste spotlighted in Center investigation

By Kristen Lombardi

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced much-anticipated proposals to regulate the disposal of coal ash — an environmental

Delay in coal ash regulation prompts protest from Ohio group

By Kristen Lombardi

An agitated citizen’s group met with White House officials on Monday to press for long-delayed action on the dangers of coal ash — an envi

By releasing coal ash sites, EPA raises more questions

By Kristen Lombardi

Last February, in a four-month investigation into the dangers of coal ash, the Center covered the notorious, ash-laden water in Colstrip, Mo

EPA not ready to name coal ash locations

By Kristen Lombardi

Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Dem, stirred excitement last Friday when she decried the “huge muzzle” the Obama administration placed o

New coal ash regulations coming?

By Kristen Lombardi

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency has ended years of delay and pledged to regulate coal ash — the often toxic combustion waste th

More coal ash on the way?

By Kristen Lombardi

A massive, late-December coal ash spill in eastern Tennessee helped publicize the many dangers of the often toxic solid waste generated by b

Top ten coal ash states

By Kristen Lombardi

Coal ash — the often toxic solid waste generated by burning coal for electricity, and the focus of a recent Center investigation — has large

Coal ash debate now moves to minefilling

By Kristen Lombardi

Ever since that disastrous late December coal-ash spill in Eastern Tennessee, Congressional attention has focused on one federal agency — th


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