IMPACT: House committee limits EPA ability to regulate coal ash

By Evan Bush

IMPACT: Democrats help GOP pass coal ash bill out of committee

EPA appears firm on limiting air toxics at coal power plants

By Evan Bush

Industry, Republicans aim to stall what agency considers life-saving limits on mercury and other emissions

U.S. regulators opening up on flawed nuclear power plant policing

By Susan Q. Stranahan

From fire hazards to coziness with industry, some concerns languished for years until Fukushima

Obama administration signals higher gas royalties on public lands — and anticipated industry resistance

By Evan Bush

Big Oil underpays on royalties - and may resist attempts to collect more

Fact Check: Permitting some fudging on oil stats

By Margaret L. Ryan

Obama official defends slow drilling record with selective use of data

EPA releases utilities' plans to make coal ash storage safer

By John Solomon

Utilities craft plans for safer storage of a toxic coal power byproduct

Report: Generators could fail at U.S. nuclear plants

Report: Generators could fail at U.S. nuclear plants

After decades, preventable fire hazards persist at Alabama reactor

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Troubles persist at Browns Ferry, catalyst for tougher rules 36 years ago

Some energy CEOs among highest paid U.S. corporate bosses

By Chris Hamby

As gas prices rise and politicians deliberate, energy execs rake it in

More hiring through 'green' chemistry?

By Jim Morris

Study suggests way to revive an industry and create jobs. The industry blames Washington.

Could rupture of aging pipeline ignite nuclear plant's control room?

By Susan Q. Stranahan

Could rupture of aging pipeline ignite nuclear plant's control room?

A more likely nuclear nightmare

By Susan Q. Stranahan

A more probable nuclear power threat than quake or tsunami: recurring fires

Yucca Mountain cancellation creates expensive headaches for DOE and Navy

By Laurel Adams

Government scrambles to figure out alternatives to canceled Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage

National biomass debate intensifies with new limits in Massachusetts

By Ronnie Greene

U.S. biomass debate intensifies with new limits in Massachusetts

Coal is back, even as the Obama administration pushes green energy

By Jeremy Borden and Jim Morris

Improving economy requires electricity, so Big Coal is back

'Green' biomass isn't always so clean

By Ronnie Greene

Toxic plumes spew from an unlikely source: renewable energy plants

Court clash in Vermont might alter balance of power over nuclear plants

By Mark Clayton /

Court clash in might alter balance of power over nuclear plants

Big break for big oil, larger burden for taxpayers

By Aaron Mehta

Whistleblowers help recover half-billion in energy revenues - but billions more owed taxpayers on public lands use

Six Questions for Kendra Barkoff

Six Questions for...Kendra Barkoff

Republicans move forward against coal ash regulation

By Chris Hamby

Amid health risks, worries about a threat to jobs and the economy

Energy dollars fueled campaigns of Democrats who defected on EPA vote

By Chris Hamby

Energy cash fueled campaigns of Democrats defecting on EPA vote

Republican duo supported by energy industry seek to rein in EPA on coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

Two recipients of congressional campaign dollars from the energy industry seek to stymie environmental protections on coal ash. Their method

Dispute in Pennsylvania town highlights EPA's coal ash dilemma

By Amy Biegelsen

It was a windy Friday morning last December when Gary Kuklish stepped out of the post office in the tiny coal town of LaBelle, PA, looked do

"Beneficial use" of Coal Ash in question as EPA mulls regulation

By Kristen Lombardi

Nearly every day over the last 32 months, members of a citizens group in Giles County, Va., have paid a visit to a seven-acre stretch of lan

A public with lots to tell EPA about coal ash

By Kristen Lombardi

Diane Hofner had a banner full of pictures and a six-minute power point presentation to display what she calls “unsupervised” pollution — bl

One town’s recurring coal ash nightmare

By Kristen Lombardi

Stand before the pond known here in southwestern Pennsylvania as Little Blue Run, and you’ll see nothing that resembles its bucolic-sounding


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