EPA scolded for website that appeared to endorse coal ash products

By Laurel Adams

An Environmental Protection Agency website about products made from coal ash failed to disclose contamination risks and gave the improper ap

Utilities, citizens weigh in on coal ash regulation

Steven Fox of Chesapeake, Va. says the first he heard of a coal ash dump site near his home was when he read a local newspaper story about h

EPA sets public hearings on coal ash disposal options

By Kristen Lombardi

Environmental advocates plan to organize citizens by the busload for a series of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency meetings on its propos

Democrats join fight against coal ash regulation

By Kristen Lombardi

A bipartisan majority of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is voicing “strong opposition” to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA moves to regulate toxic coal waste spotlighted in Center investigation

By Kristen Lombardi

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced much-anticipated proposals to regulate the disposal of coal ash — an environmental

Delay in coal ash regulation prompts protest from Ohio group

By Kristen Lombardi

An agitated citizen’s group met with White House officials on Monday to press for long-delayed action on the dangers of coal ash — an envi

By releasing coal ash sites, EPA raises more questions

By Kristen Lombardi

Last February, in a four-month investigation into the dangers of coal ash, the Center covered the notorious, ash-laden water in Colstrip, Mo

EPA not ready to name coal ash locations

By Kristen Lombardi

Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Dem, stirred excitement last Friday when she decried the “huge muzzle” the Obama administration placed o

New coal ash regulations coming?

By Kristen Lombardi

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency has ended years of delay and pledged to regulate coal ash — the often toxic combustion waste th

More coal ash on the way?

By Kristen Lombardi

A massive, late-December coal ash spill in eastern Tennessee helped publicize the many dangers of the often toxic solid waste generated by b

Top ten coal ash states

By Kristen Lombardi

Coal ash — the often toxic solid waste generated by burning coal for electricity, and the focus of a recent Center investigation — has large

Coal ash debate now moves to minefilling

By Kristen Lombardi

Ever since that disastrous late December coal-ash spill in Eastern Tennessee, Congressional attention has focused on one federal agency — th

Coal ash: The hidden story

By Kristen Lombardi

Pat Nees never liked the water at the Moose Lodge. Almost everyone in tiny Colstrip, Montana, drank and dined at Lodge #2190, but the well w

Longwall coal mine companies push to “downgrade” stream pollution controls

By Kristen Lombardi

Much has been made about the Bush administration’s 11th hour repeal of a key rule meant to keep coal-slurry waste out of Appalachian streams

Rep. Rahall champions new fed oversight, but opposed it in 2000

By Kristen Lombardi

The lack of federal regulation for coal ash has become something of a Congressional cause célèbre since that disastrous late December coal a

First longwall mine in six years underway

By Kristen Lombardi

Score one for King Coal in northern Appalachia. Today’s boom in the coalfields of southwestern Pennsylvania — where the 42.7 million tons ex

The hidden costs of clean coal

By The Center for Public Integrity

The environmental and human disaster of longwall mining


By Kristen Lombardi

In northern Appalachia, longwall mines burrow beneath people’s land, water wells and houses.

The big seep

By Kristen Lombardi

Longwall mining is draining the water from the springs and streams of northern Appalachia


By The Center for Public Integrity

Some of the pages scoured while investigating longwall mining's societal and environmental impact.


By The Center for Public Integrity

Websites of coal companies and citizens groups, as well as studies about and lawsuits over the impacts of longwall mining.

The hidden history

By Kristen Lombardi

The massive coal ash spill in eastern Tennessee in late December is rekindling an old but contentious debate over just how to regulate coal

Over the Limit

By Joaquin Sapien

In October 2003, while 94,000-plus inhabitants slept nearby, Martin Lake pumped more than 150,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide into the air

Private interests

By Paul Radu

The privatization of Romania's oil industry has enriched the well-connected—and corrupt

Big oil wields ultra deep influence

By Laura Peterson

Legislators push for energy industry tax breaks, regulatory changes to hunt for oil at the bottom of the sea

U.S. pushed to ratify deep sea treaty

By Laura Peterson

U.N. Law of the Sea will divvy up deep ocean bottom for oil and gas drilling

Appealing to a higher authority

By Kevin Bogardus

Federal energy regulators smooth the way for liquefied natural gas terminals

Can a free market help clear the air?

By Rakesh Kalshian

World Bank buys pollution rights from tiny Indian village for $645


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