Bob Dole: Indonesia's man in Washington

By Kevin Bogardus

Former Republican presidential candidate is paid to lobby for the country's oil interests

K Street lobbyists carry water for OPEC

By Kevin Bogardus

Disclosure filings indicate massive spending on lobbying by oil-rich countries

Saudis drop big bucks for Washington influence

By Kevin Bogardus

Saudi Arabia the most active OPEC member on K Street

Venezuela head polishes image with oil dollars

By Kevin Bogardus

President Hugo Chavez takes his case to America's streets

Big oil protects its interests

By Aron Pilhofer

Industry spends hundreds of millions on lobbying, elections

Gimme shelter (from taxes)

By Jonathan Werve

U.S. oil and gas companies have 882 subsidiaries in tax haven countries

Koch's low profile belies political power

By Kevin Bogardus

Private oil company does both business and politics with the shades drawn

A pipeline of influence

By Kevin Bogardus

Even before he became VP, Dick Cheney and Bush fundraisers were crafting national energy policy

Big oil spends $400,000 on government junkets

By Daniel Lathrop

Legislators taken to NASCAR races, "Wildcatters Ball"


A look behind the Center's reporting process for "The Politics of Oil"

The politics of energy: Oil and gas

By Kevin Bogardus

WASHINGTON, December 15, 2003 — The sweeping energy bill now pending in Congress offers a geyser of new tax breaks and other government good

The politics of energy: Nuclear power

By Kevin Bogardus

WASHINGTON, December 11, 2003 — On May 28, 2003, two chairs sat empty at a Las Vegas hearing called by Nevada's U.S. senators to assess conc

The politics of energy: Coal

By Bill Dawson

WASHINGTON, December 3, 2003 — Two months after his inauguration, President George W. Bush surprised some supporters by changing his positio

The politics of energy: Coal

By Bill Dawson

WASHINGTON, December 3, 2003 — At the first meeting of President George W. Bush's cabinet in 2001, then-Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill dist

The politics of energy: Coal

By The Center for Public Integrity

When George W. Bush was inaugurated on the Capitol steps in January 2001, the coal industry, which had contr

Harken documents

By The Center for Public Integrity

October 17, 2002 — In the wake of the corporate scandals that began with Enron Corp.'s collapse in October 2001, there has been renewed inte

Harken's Ivy League underwriter

By John Dunbar

WASHINGTON, October 17, 2002 — The year 1990 started out on a high note for Harken Energy. ...

Bush, Harken, and the public's right to know

By The Center for Public Integrity

Earlier this summer, national media outlets reported on President George W. Bush's activities as a director with Texas oil company Harken En

A brief history of Bush, Harken and the SEC

By John Dunbar

WASHINGTON, October 16, 2002 — In 1976, George W. Bush was a freshly minted graduate of the Harvard Business School looking for a job. ...

More Harken Energy Corporation documents

August 1, 2002 — The New York Daily News reported on July 30 that Harken Energy Corporation set up a Cayman Islands subsidiary, the Harken B

Further Harken documents

July 25, 2002 — Documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity show President George W. Bush met with the president and CEO of Harken

Harken Energy Corporation internal documents

July 19, 2002 — In his July 8, 2002, press conference, President George W. Bush told reporters "to look back on the directors' minutes" for

Additional Harken documents

July 12, 2002 — Since posting the last batch of documents yesterday, we received requests for more Harken-related documents. Today, we are p

More Harken documents

July 11, 2002 — The Center for Public Integrity, as a public service, is posting a second round of the documents that we obtained from the S

Securities and Exchange Commission documents

July 3, 2002 — Because of a column by Paul Krugman that ran in The New York Times and a follow-up Washington Post story, there has been rene


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