IMPACT: OSHA strengthens rules for 'model workplace' program

By Chris Hamby

IMPACT: Companies exempted from some safety inspections under an OSHA program will face automatic removal after work-related deaths.

Report urges phaseout of deadly acid

By Chris Hamby

A survey of refinery workers found deep concern about the handling of hydrofluoric acid and recommends safer alternatives

Labor secretary leaves legacy of worker protections and unfinished business

By Chris Hamby

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis leaves behind a department advocates say increased enforcement but left worker safety rules unfinished.

IMPACT: OSHA's 'model workplace' program needs reform, report finds

By Chris Hamby

Companies exempt from some inspections under a special OSHA program should face tighter scrutiny, a report finds, echoing a Center series.

BP to pay $13 million for safety violations at Texas refinery

By Alice Su

Oil giant BP has agreed to pay $13 million to settle safety violations at a Texas refinery that blew up in 2005.

OSHA reforms Voluntary Protection Programs

By Alice Su

Labor Department official announces changes to a program that rewards supposedly safer-than-average workplaces

Diesel engine exhaust earns 'carcinogenic' label

By Jim Morris

An international health body declared Tuesday that diesel engine exhaust is 'carcinogenic to humans.'

OSHA whistleblower wins court victory

By Jim Morris

A federal court found that Robert Whitmore, an OSHA economist, was fired for raising concerns about flawed injury and illness data.

Massachusetts workers killed, injured at facilities touted as 'Model Workplaces'

By Beverly Ford

Safety risks, injuries and even fatalities plague Mass. worksites touted by OSHA as among the nation's safest

Fatal work injuries rose in 2010, new data show

By Jim Morris

The Department of Labor reported that 4,690 U.S. workers suffered fatal injuries in 2010, a 3 percent increase from 2009.

Low doses of some chemicals tied to health effects

By Marla Cone

Scientists see links to infertility, heart disease and other disorders from exposure to small amounts of hormone-altering chemicals

Plan to cut benefits for injured federal workers stirs concern

By Jim Morris

A move to cut benefits for injured federal workers upsets union officials — and some members of Congress

Toxic acid release again draws federal investigators

By Chris Hamby

Federal investigators are back at a Texas oil refinery that had a close call three years ago

Industrial chemical exposure linked to learning problems, hyperactivity

By Lindsey Konkel

Boys exposed to higher levels of PCBs scored lower on focus and concentration tests

Long-delayed diesel study published

By Jim Morris

Landmark study of miners shows elevated risk of cancer from engine exhaust

Inspector general to examine ‘model workplaces’ program

By Chris Hamby

Labor's Inspector General will examine a federal 'model workplaces' program highlighted in Center investigation

'Chemicals of concern' list stuck at OMB

By Chris Hamby and Jim Morris

A proposed EPA list of 'chemicals of concern' has been under review by the White House budget office for 638 days

Landmark diesel exhaust study stalled amid industry and congressional objections

By Jim Morris

Publication of a landmark government study of lung cancer in miners is delayed by an industry group and its congressional allies

Federal regulators have failed to act on toxic chemical, report says

By Chris Hamby

Regulators have done little to protect the public from BPA, critics say

IMPACT: Agency task force conducting ‘top-to-bottom review’ of ‘model workplaces’ program

By Chris Hamby

A federal task force is conducting a “top-to-bottom review” of a program that exempts “model workplaces” from regular safety inspections.

EPA allowed unsafe handling of asbestos, IG says

By Jim Morris and Chris Hamby

Use of 'unapproved methods' by EPA put workers and public at risk of asbestos exposure, IG says

New scrutiny of worker safety excludes some chemical plants

By Chris Hamby

Worries about catastrophes at chemical plants prompts special inspection program, but some sites remain off-limits.

Deaths at ‘model workplaces’ missing from list of federal overseers

By Chris Hamby

OSHA unaware of some deaths at 'model workplaces'

OSHA acknowledges database of fatal accidents incomplete

By Chris Hamby

Agency admits some deaths at "model workplaces" missing from its list

Lost letter: How government fails to deliver on worker safety

By Chris Hamby

Persistent hazards at a top U.S. employer underscore regulators’ mixed message — and inconsistent tactics

Highly toxic acid used by refineries sends workers to hospital — again

By Chris Hamby

Highly toxic acid used by refineries sends workers to hospital - again

IMPACT: Refinery union to seek safety fixes in contract talks

By Corbin Hiar

Refinery workers union says it will seek safer steps to prevent recurring fires and hazards

Safety risks underscored by violations at ExxonMobil refinery

By Alexandra Duszak

Though violations were serious, fixes need not be immediate