Most Dangerous Superfund Sites

A list of the 114 neglected Superfund sites

EPA diverts money from shared Superfund pool

By Richard Mullins and Joaquin Sapien

Little-known change that helps agency meet funding challenges scrutinized

Close connections

By Anupama Narayanswamy

EPA pays at least three firms to clean up pollution they may have helped create

Bankrupt companies avoid more than $700 million in cleanup costs

By Kevin Bogardus

When firms fail, the government collects pennies on the dollar for Superfund site work

Superfund today

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Massive undertaking to clean up hazardous waste sites has lost both momentum and funding


A look inside the Center's Superfund investigation

Superfund progress drops off under Bush

By Joaquin Sapien and Richard Mullins

Focus on tougher sites blamed for decline in cleanups, but critics point to less funding and closer ties to industry