Part I: A Mediterranean feeding frenzy

By Kate Willson and Jean-Pierre Canet

Cobblestone walkways line the quiet canals of Sète, a French community of 40,000 nestled along the Mediterranean about 85 miles west of Mars

Part II: Diving into the tuna ranching industry

By Marcos Garcia Rey

In the final days of 1996, the air was cold and seas rough around the southern Spanish port of Cartagena. A boat belonging to the Tuna Graso

Part III: Bluefin, Inc.

By Marina Walker Guevara and Martin Foster

Mount Fuji rises across the bay from the 16th century port of Shimizu — a sight fit for a post card. The town has seen better days — its bus

Fishing nations approve overhaul of bluefin tuna tracking system

By Kate Willson and Marina Walker Guevara

Regulators overhaul fish tracking system to deter black market

NOAA moves to police seas

By Traver Riggins

As part of their continuing effort to take a lead in managing global fisheries, officials with the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospher

Threatened bluefin tuna may not get much help from international conference

By Kate Willson

Rejecting the tough stance of its top fisheries official, the European Union agreed Thursday to recommend similar catch limits as last year

French officials finally respond to allegations of doctored data

By Kate Willson

ICIJ’s Looting the Seas investigation, on the $4 billion black market in bluefin tuna, has attracted worldwide attention since its release t

Treesaver e-reader debuts With ICIJ's Looting the Seas investigation

By John Solomon

The Center for Public Integrity on Sunday launched a new e-reader designed to make reading long-form investigative projects easier on digita

Key findings: Looting The Seas

In March 2010, a team of reporters from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists set out to document the plundering of one

About this project: Looting the Seas

Looting the Seas is a two-year project by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists looking at the forces that are rapidly d