The big pong down under

By Bill Birnbauer

Less than two years after turning control over to a privatized firm, Adelaide took on a certain stench

Low rates, needed repairs lure 'big water' to Uncle Sam's plumbing

By Erika Hobbs

Low rates, needed repairs lure 'big water' to Uncle Sam's plumbing

Indianapolis opts to control its water

City wanted to 'protect their most precious resource'

Water system troubles a troubled city

Some of Camden's oldest pipes are still hollowed logs

A tale of two cities

By María Teresa Ronderos

Flooded streets and backed up sewers plague Columbian city

Water and politics in the fall of Suharto

By Andreas Harsono

Thames and Suez executives abandoned their posts with only 3 days of water treatment chemicals

Loaves, fishes and dirty dishes

By Roel Landingin

Manila's privatized water can't handle the pressure

The 'aguas' tango

By Daniel Santoro

Cashing in on Buenos Aires' privatization

Metered to death

By Jacques Pauw

How a water experiment in South Africa caused riots and a cholera epidemic

Water and power: The French connection

By Julio Godoy

The French government has taken a protectionist approach to the water business

Defending the internal water empire

They may talk free-market privatization abroad, but internally France closely guards its own borders against foreign water companies

Cholera and the age of the water barons

By Bill Marsden

Cholera turned out to be a chronicle of death foretold by blind ideology

Promoting privatization

ICIJ research showed that privatization is playing an ever-increasing role in bank lending policies

Harken documents

By The Center for Public Integrity

October 17, 2002 — In the wake of the corporate scandals that began with Enron Corp.'s collapse in October 2001, there has been renewed inte

Harken's Ivy League underwriter

By John Dunbar

WASHINGTON, October 17, 2002 — The year 1990 started out on a high note for Harken Energy. ...

Bush, Harken, and the public's right to know

By The Center for Public Integrity

Earlier this summer, national media outlets reported on President George W. Bush's activities as a director with Texas oil company Harken En

A brief history of Bush, Harken and the SEC

By John Dunbar

WASHINGTON, October 16, 2002 — In 1976, George W. Bush was a freshly minted graduate of the Harvard Business School looking for a job. ...

More Harken Energy Corporation documents

August 1, 2002 — The New York Daily News reported on July 30 that Harken Energy Corporation set up a Cayman Islands subsidiary, the Harken B

Further Harken documents

July 25, 2002 — Documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity show President George W. Bush met with the president and CEO of Harken

Harken Energy Corporation internal documents

July 19, 2002 — In his July 8, 2002, press conference, President George W. Bush told reporters "to look back on the directors' minutes" for

Additional Harken documents

July 12, 2002 — Since posting the last batch of documents yesterday, we received requests for more Harken-related documents. Today, we are p

More Harken documents

July 11, 2002 — The Center for Public Integrity, as a public service, is posting a second round of the documents that we obtained from the S

Securities and Exchange Commission documents

July 3, 2002 — Because of a column by Paul Krugman that ran in The New York Times and a follow-up Washington Post story, there has been rene

Smog-forming and toxic gases 'consistently' undercounted, major study finds

By Bill Dawson

HOUSTON, May 31, 2002 — In a discovery with national implications, a group of government, academic and private researchers involved in a $20

Federal board concludes current chemical regulations are inadequate

By Bill Dawson

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2002 — The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, nearing the end of a lengthy investigation, has conclude

Bush administration kills safety regulation opposed by donors

By Bill Dawson

WASHINGTON, April 11, 2002 — The Bush administration quietly shelved a proposal to tighten regulations on a group of hazardous chemicals des

Bush's choice of EPA advisers signals tilt toward industry

By Josey Ballenger

February 12, 2001 — The composition of the team that advised George W. Bush on the Environmental Protection Agency during his transition to

Energy Department has denied info requests for months

By Peter Newbatt Smith

October 27, 2000 — Since 1999, The Public i has attempted to obtain information about the bidding process in the sale of the Elk Hills oil r

Commentary: Lawsuit against Clean Air Act by members of Congress

By Curtis Moore

WASHINGTON, September 5, 2000 — For nearly a quarter-century, almost since the very day of his swearing in as a U.S. senator, Utah Republica

Toxic deception

By Dan Fagin and Marianne Lavelle

October 2, 1999 — On the Friday before Labor Day 1998, with much of official Washington already on its last summer trek to seashore or home


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