Terrorism and tobacco

By Kate Willson

Extremists, insurgents turn to cigarette smuggling

The Taliban and tobacco

By Aamir Latif and Kate Willson

Smuggled cigarettes give boost to Pakistani militants

China’s Marlboro Country

By Te-Ping Chen

A massive underground industry makes China the world leader in counterfeit cigarettes

Smuggling made easy

Landlocked Paraguay emerges as a top producer of contraband tobacco

El gran ‘duty free’

Paraguay es uno de los mayores productores mundiales de cigarrillos de contrabando

When cracking down seems impossible

By Marina Walker Guevara and Mabel Rehnfeldt

Paraguay's corruption fuels a criminal economy

Ukraine’s ‘lost’ cigarettes flood Europe

By Vlad Lavrov

Big tobacco’s overproduction fuels $2 billion black market

Djukanovic’s Montenegro: a family business

As EU membership looms, so do troubling questions

Big tobacco’s New York black market

By Marina Walker Guevara and Kate Willson

How America’s top cigarette firms fueled a billion-dollar underground trade


By Te-Ping Chen

Tobacco sales take off in cyberspace

The undercover cop: listen to ex-FBI agent Tom Zyckowski


Listen to ex-FBI agent Tom Zyckowski


By Marina Walker Guevara

Tobacco is the most widely smuggled legal substance, and it's trafficking fuels organized crime and corruption

The lawsuit: read how Gallaher smuggled


Read how Gallaher smuggled

The team


Find out about the people who helped make Tobacco Underground

Made to be smuggled

Russian contraband cigarettes ‘flooding’ EU

Going undercover

Inside Baltic Tobacco’s smuggling empire

‘The guy in the wheelchair'

By Kate Willson

How an El Paso smuggler moved a half-billion cigarettes across America

Blame the distributor

By Drew Sullivan and Paul Radu

How Gallaher stayed in the smuggling game

How to get away with smuggling

By William Marsden

Canada’s billion-dollar deal for big tobacco

The secret factory: Take an undercover tour of Baltic Tobacco


Take an undercover tour of Baltic Tobacco

The expert: watch an interview with Luk Joossens


Watch an interview with Luk Joossens

The expert: listen to John Colledge


Listen to John Colledge

The Montenegro connection

By Leo Sisti

Love, tobacco, and the mafia