Part II: A troubled model for reform in Mexico

By Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab

A troubled model for reform in Mexico

Part III: Uruguay vs. Philip Morris

By Claudio Paolillo

Uruguay vs. Philip Morris

Canadian health group demands disclosure on asbestos

By Jim Morris

For the past year, the Canadian Public Health Association has sought details on the financial relationship between Canada’s Ministry of Natu

India: An out of control asbestos market

By Marina Walker Guevara

A warm welcome to new ICIJ media partner, Tehelka magazine in India, which just published an exposé on the growth and influence of the asbes

Following the money on asbestos

By David E. Kaplan

ICIJ rolled out its biggest project in months this week: Dangers in the Dust – Inside the Global Asbestos Trade. We’ve had a half-dozen of o

A ravenous appetite for asbestos

By Jim Morris and Te-Ping Chen

Top user China faces epidemic of cancer

A growing death toll in Mexico

By Ana Avila

Asbestos casualties mount amid weak enforcement and a powerful lobby

The world's asbestos behemoth

By Roman Shleynov

Vast amounts shipped overseas, used at home

America’s asbestos age

By Jim Morris

A toxic legacy may leave behind a half-million deaths

A toxic embrace

By Murali Krishnan and Shantanu Guha Ray

India’s wide use of asbestos brings dire warnings

Exporting an epidemic

By Jim Morris

Human toll reaches millions as asbestos industry expands worldwide

Key findings

Key findings

About this project

A look at the reporting process behind 'Dangers in the Dust'

The counterfeit cops

By Te-Ping Chen

Private investigators fight a hidden war against knock-off cigarettes, electronics, toothpaste, and more

ATF’s ‘ad hoc’ efforts give tobacco smugglers a free pass

By Te-Ping Chen

Smuggling cigarettes in America has become a multi-billion-dollar business, robbing states of desperately needed tax money and fueling organ

Smuggler pleads guilty to moving 27 million smokes

By Kate Willson

A Miami man pleaded guilty Friday in the U.S. Southern District Court of Florida in a cigarette smuggling case with ties to the Real Irish R

Top Swiss organized crime case ends, only two convicted

By Marina Walker Guevara

ICIJ’s story “The Montenegro Connection” on the ties of Montenegro’s Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic to one of Europe’s largest ever cigarett

Black markets, organized crime ravaging West Africa

By Kate Willson

A thriving cigarette black market is depleting West African economies of tax dollars, fueling corruption, and possibly funding insurgencies,

El gran ‘duty free’

Paraguay es uno de los mayores productores mundiales de cigarrillos de contrabando

When cracking down seems impossible

By Marina Walker Guevara and Mabel Rehnfeldt

Paraguay's corruption fuels a criminal economy

Ukraine’s ‘lost’ cigarettes flood Europe

By Vlad Lavrov

Big tobacco’s overproduction fuels $2 billion black market

Terrorism and tobacco

By Kate Willson

Extremists, insurgents turn to cigarette smuggling

The Taliban and tobacco

By Aamir Latif and Kate Willson

Smuggled cigarettes give boost to Pakistani militants

China’s Marlboro Country

By Te-Ping Chen

A massive underground industry makes China the world leader in counterfeit cigarettes

Smuggling made easy

Landlocked Paraguay emerges as a top producer of contraband tobacco

Canadian Hells Angels and contraband tobacco

By William Marsden

The Center’s International Consortium of Investigative Journalists has taken heat lately for exposing the large-scale tobacco smuggling out

The Montenegro connection

By Leo Sisti

“My little cat … I’m going crazy without you …. You have repeatedly betrayed me, I think …. Little cat, when are you coming? ... I love you,

Djukanovic’s Montenegro: a family business

As EU membership looms, so do troubling questions

Mississippi officials make largest contraband cigarette seizure in U.S. history

By Kate Willson

An anonymous caller tipped off Mississippi authorities last month to what could be the largest contraband cigarette seizure in U.S. history.