Mapping the impact of illicit cigarettes

By Te-Ping Chen

Mapping the impact of the contraband cigarettes trade is no mean feat. Our story today, "Canada’s Boom in Smuggled Cigarettes," took months

Canada's boom in smuggled cigarettes

By William Marsden

Gary Godelie has been a tobacco farmer most of his life, struggling to keep alive a family farm that produces what most everyone agrees is a

Big tobacco’s New York black market

By Marina Walker Guevara and Kate Willson

How America’s top cigarette firms fueled a billion-dollar underground trade


By Te-Ping Chen

Tobacco sales take off in cyberspace

Made to be smuggled

Russian contraband cigarettes ‘flooding’ EU

Going undercover

Inside Baltic Tobacco’s smuggling empire

‘The guy in the wheelchair'

By Kate Willson

How an El Paso smuggler moved a half-billion cigarettes across America

Blame the distributor

By Drew Sullivan and Paul Radu

How Gallaher stayed in the smuggling game

How to get away with smuggling

By William Marsden

Canada’s billion-dollar deal for big tobacco

The secret factory: Take an undercover tour of Baltic Tobacco


Take an undercover tour of Baltic Tobacco

The expert: watch an interview with Luk Joossens


Watch an interview with Luk Joossens

The expert: listen to John Colledge


Listen to John Colledge

The undercover cop: listen to ex-FBI agent Tom Zyckowski


Listen to ex-FBI agent Tom Zyckowski


By Marina Walker Guevara

Tobacco is the most widely smuggled legal substance, and it's trafficking fuels organized crime and corruption

Smoking dragon, royal charm

By Te-Ping Chen

A tale of four FBI agents, 62 Chinese smugglers, and a billion bogus cigarettes

The lawsuit: read how Gallaher smuggled


Read how Gallaher smuggled

The team


Find out about the people who helped make Tobacco Underground

Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere Inc. (CARE)

By Alejandra Fernández Morera

Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere reaches over 7 million people in 40 countries with their HIV/AIDS programs

PEPFAR policy hinders treatment in generic terms

By M. Asif Ismail

Critics say FDA approval rule has meant greater use of high-cost drugs at expense of helping fewer patients


By Devin Varsalona

This Johns Hopkins-affiliated nonprofit trains healthcare providers to give care abroad

Academy for Educational Development

By Devin Varsalona

Academy for Educational Development's partnership with the U.S. government allowed them to distribute $11 million of funds


By Victoria Kreha

Nigeria has the third-highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world, behind India and South Africa

Family Health International

By Devin Varsalona

A top U.S. government contractors through the (PEPFAR), the five-year, $15 billion initiative to fight HIV/AIDS in 15 "focus countries"


By Victoria Kreha

Background, challenges and relief efforts related to the AIDS epidemic in Botswana

Partners in Health

By Sarah Fort and Rachel Leven

With the goal of providing health care to the poor, Partners in Health focuses on HIV and other infectious diseases


By Victoria Kreha

The stigma of AIDS in Rwanda means people wait years to get tested and avoid changing behavior so as not to give away their infection status

Côte d'Ivoire

By Victoria Kreha

Background, challenges and relief efforts related to the AIDS epidemic in Côte d'Ivoire

Glossary of terms

Here are some common acronyms and terms in the Divine Intervention project


By Victoria Kreha

AIDS is the leading cause of death in Tanzania, with women between 25 and 34 having the highest rate of HIV infection

Hope worldwide

By Alejandra Fernández Morera

Hope worldwide's income grew from less than $800,000 in 1991 to $39.9 million by the end of 2004