Analysis – Insurers’ cynical calculations on the cost of doing business

By Wendell Potter

Insurers are punished for misbehavior all the time, but almost no one notices and the firms see the penalties as the cost of doing business.

Analysis — The false promise and big profits of ‘mini-med’ health plans

By Wendell Potter

One of the reasons I left my job as a PR executive for the health insurance industry was because I could not in good conscience be a pitchma

Analysis – One year later, health reform a law worth keeping

By Wendell Potter

Is the health care reform law a good deal for Americans or is it so badly flawed that Congress should repeal it?...

Analysis — Death panels, fact and fiction

By Wendell Potter

“Death panels” are back in the news and Congress is turning its attention to them once again. The problem is, lawmakers are looking in all t

Analysis — ‘Reframing’ the debate to make insurers look poor

By Wendell Potter

While the country was struggling to emerge from a recession, and more and more of us were struggling with no medical coverage, the big for-p

Analysis — Insurers lobbying on the fine print may erase consumer protections

By Wendell Potter

One of the provisions of the health reform law that insurers hate most requires that they spend at least 80 percent of what we pay them in p

Analysis — A Canadian-style single-payer health system in Vermont?

By Wendell Potter

A new governor in Vermont is boldly declaring his intent to look at a Canadian-style single-payer health care system....

Analysis — N.C. consumer advocates seeing red over bait and switch by one of the blues

By Wendell Potter

Consumer advocates in North Carolina thought they had a deal with Blue Cross on a health insurance exchange, but now they are having doubts.

Analysis — An illuminating expedition to the world of the uninsured

By Wendell Potter

Lawmakers questioning the need for health care reform should check out this weekend's effort to provide free medical care at a Nashville hig

Analysis — Insurers’ ‘friends’ will influence public option debate in Conn.

By Wendell Potter

Health insurers in Connecticut will call on some of their longtime allies to help turn the public and state lawmakers against the idea of cr

Analysis — Fear and loathing over a public insurance option in Hartford

By Wendell Potter

Will a "public option" have a better chance in Hartford than in Washington? Not if the insurance companies have anything to say about it. ..

Analysis — The insurers’ real agenda for change

By Wendell Potter

Former executive says big firms don't want reform law repealed, but they do want to strip key regulations and consumer protections....

Analysis — Obama’s view: Not a lot left to debate in health care law

By Wendell Potter

New IRS reporting requirement could be axed, but malpractice reform is not likely....


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