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Black lung investigation honored

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OPINION: Guess who would benefit from privatizing Medicare?

By Wendell Potter

Privatizing Medicare would help insurers, not seniors.

OPINION: Could nonprofit health insurance plans be the real reformers?

By Wendell Potter

Nonprofit health insurance just might be the sleeper solution in healthcare reform law.

Federal panel advises against prostate cancer screen for men

By Gordon Witkin

Panel says prostate cancer screen that was subject of Center probe does more harm than good.

OPINION: Spinning the Supreme Court's 'Obamacare' decision

By Wendell Potter

Insurers seeking to assure that consumer protections are jettisoned if individual mandate goes

OPINION: Palin's rhetoric torpedoed Medicare savings

By Wendell Potter

Irresponsible 'death panel' rhetoric prevented Medicare savings

HHS IG report highlights docs' questionable billing of Medicare

By Fred Schulte

HHS IG report says thousand of doctors billing feds at rates beyond the norm

Medicare fraud: What you need to know

By Sarah Whitmire

Last week's biggest-ever Medicare fraud bust nabbed 107 care providers, but how does this effort stack up?

ANALYSIS: False quick fixes for American health care

By Wendell Potter

So-called silver bullets, for the free market, don't improve care or reduce costs.

ANALYSIS: Putting our premiums into medical care, not profits

By Wendell Potter

Rockefeller provision of Obamacare requires rebates from insurers who spent too little caring for patients.

ANALYSIS: Shareholders raising ruckus about CEO pay

By Wendell Potter

Big pay raises and parting bonuses increasingly raising ire of shareholders.

ANALYSIS: Health insurers try to fool Congress with fuzzy math

By Wendell Potter

The special interests behind distorted ads meant to put pressure on Congress.

ANALYSIS: Why the insurance industry needs Obamacare to stay in business

By Wendell Potter

The insurance industry is banking on the individual mandate.

Support our new investigation into a deadly disease killing agricultural workers

By Ellen Weiss

Support our investigation of a disease that is killing workers around the world.

Lethal injection drug access could put executions on hold

By Kimberly Leonard

Pentobarbital, now most-commonly used execution drug, likely to face barriers in coming months.

ANALYSIS: Jokes from Justice Scalia mask grim reality of American health care

By Wendell Potter

Scalia's quips provide stark contrast with racetrack triage for thousands.

FACT CHECK: False promises and facts on health insurance premiums

By FactCheck.Org

With false facts flying from both sides, revisits the truth about health insurance premiums.

FACT CHECK: How Americans really feel about 'ObamaCare'

By FactCheck.Org

Favorite Republican talking point proved false by certain polls, and true by others.

ANALYSIS: Slogans versus substance in the battle over ObamaCare's future

By Wendell Potter

Tea Party slogans distort the Affordable Care Act.

Court weighs making health coverage a fact of life

By The Associated Press

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to debate a health care mandate, here's how seven Americans are affected

Interactive: Health care overhaul

Health care overhaul, law faces High Court review

ANALYSIS: Lack of leadership at the top of corporate ladder

By Wendell Potter

Misplaced values among health inusurers and investment banks.

Options for cervical cancer check depend on age

By The Associated Press

Two U.S. medical groups calling again for less-frequent, more efficient cancer screenings, this time for cervical cancer

ANALYSIS: Ripple effect of 'cost-shifting' uncompensated medical care

By Wendell Potter

Without a mandate for health insurance, hospitals and taxpayers can get stuck with the bill.

ANALYSIS: The end of health insurance as we know it?

By Wendell Potter

Big changes coming in how we obtain health coverage — and from who

CORRECTED: States pushing efforts to require certification for cleaning medical instruments

By Joe Eaton

States pushing certification requirement for workers who clean surgical instruments

ANALYSIS: Health care myths and realities

By Wendell Potter

Insurers love the health plans, consumers not so much

Filthy surgical instruments: The hidden threat in America's operating rooms

By Joe Eaton

How contaminated medical devices expose patients to infection


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