Feds will oversee Oakland's efforts to curb suspensions

By Susan Ferriss

Oakland school board allows federal officials to monitor efforts to reduce the high suspension rates for African-American students

Florida to close controversial juvenile detention center

By Susan Ferriss

Florida plans to close a privately run juvenile offener home that has been under scrutiny for alleged poor treatmetn of kids.

Perps or pupils? Safety policy creates friction in New York City schools

By Daryl Khan

Presence of school safety agents creates friction in Gotham schools

A problem of nationwide proportions

By Maggie Lee

'School to prison pipeline' controversies have broken out around the country

Mississippi town struggles with 'school to prison pipeline' charges

By Maggie Lee

Justice Department letter raises new questions, inflames new tensions in Meridian, Mississippi

Romney balancing act on undocumented youth getting harder

By Susan Ferriss

A Romney adviser files suit, on eve of convention, to stop Obama's youth program for temporary reprieve from deportation and work permits.

Privatization fails: Nebraska tries again to reform child welfare

By Kevin O’Hanlon

In 2009, Nebraska privatized its child welfare. Now critics say it hasn't worked.

Most eligible for Obama undocumented program already working

By Susan Ferriss

Aug. 15 start date for undocumented youths ages 15 to 30 to apply for deportation reprieve

Report: States deal with more female offenders

By Susan Ferriss

A new report about state policies shows a rethinking in putting younger kids into adult court, police interaction with minority kids

Capitalism and Corrections: Wall Street loan for youth inmate rehab

By Susan Ferriss

A Goldman Sachs loan to NYC will pay for a new youth offender program, and deliver a profit or loss depending on the program's success.

Federal report: Fewer kids are victims of violent crime, but more are poor

By Susan Ferriss

An annual report is a mixed bag, showing fewer teen pregnancies and less violent crime, but more poverty and exposure to air pollution.

Maryland, California taking action to improve dropout rates

By Susan Ferriss

Lawmakers, education officials in some states say it's time to embrace alternatives to removing students from classrooms as punishment.

Public radio talks to L.A. school police chief about court citations that have fallen heavily on young students

By Susan Ferriss

L.A.'s school police chief said his department didn't have the ability to analyze the ages, ethnicity, grade level of students ticketed.

Los Angeles school police chief rethinking discipline policy

By Susan Ferriss

Police chief wants less ticketing for young kids, more out-of-court solutions.

Child sex abuse: A North Dakota agent shines compared to Penn State negligence

By Susan Ferriss

While a report condemns Penn State leaders in the Jerry Sandusky case, a North Dakota agent shows how to do right by kids.

Oakland leads way as restorative justice techniques enter education mainstream

By Eric K. Arnold

'Restorative justice' techniques are helping young people overcome violent impulses

California bucks trend by rejecting new limits on 'solitary'

By Susan Ferriss

California bucks trend; politics or money to blame?

Facts American adults can learn from undocumented kids

By Susan Ferriss

With young illegal immigrants an election-year football, politicians often leave out why there's no 'right way' to attempt to immigrate.

Supreme Court: Children shouldn't get life with no parole possibility

By Susan Ferriss

A Supreme Court decision means thousands will be eligible to get hearings for new sentences for crimes committed as minors.

Youth rehabilitation centers in Florida under scrutiny

By Susan Ferriss

Florida public defenders ask for juveniles to be removed from privately run rehabilitation center.

Obama decision eases undocumented kids' turmoil

By Susan Ferriss

Thousands of 16- to 30-year-olds could benefit from relief that will let them work legally, and stop fearing deportation.

L.A. school police, district agree to rethink court citations of students

By Susan Ferriss

L.A.'s school police and district react to reports of thousands of tickets issued to Latino and black middle-school students.

NYPD school police citations draw criticism

By Susan Ferriss

In New York City, the NYPD is under fire for the rate at which officers issue citations.

Police, suspensions in schools need reform, new report urges

By Susan Ferriss

A report looks at how three troubled California communities are struggling with high suspension rates of vulnerable students.

Public radio, Center report on L.A. school court citations' controversy

By Susan Ferriss

Public radio, the Center report on L.A. school police ticketing that federal education officials are now scrutinizing.

Los Angeles school police citations draw federal scrutiny

By Susan Ferriss

Los Angeles school punishment data attract federal scrutiny

Calif. state senator wants 'roundtable' on school expulsions

Kern County schools expel more students than those in any other county in California. Federal data shows high rate for blacks, Latinos.

Education Department issues guidelines for restraining, isolating disruptive students

By Susan Ferriss

Education Department guidelines follow disputes over standards for students

Los Angeles students protest school police citations that hit blacks, Latinos

By Susan Ferriss

Los Angeles schools have the largest school police force in the nation, with officers issuing thosands of tickets every year to students.

LA school police chief voices reasons for ticketing young kids, radio station reports

By Susan Ferriss

As concerns over student-police relations rise nationally, data shows 40 percent of LA school police citations go to kids 14 and under.


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