Renditions vs. rights

By Marina Walker Guevara

Jordan's apparent willingness to participate in transfers of suspects trumps poor record on human rights

The price of independence: $1 billion

By Marina Walker Guevara

Once-loyal Turkey passed up aid to maintain its own Iraq policy

An opportunity seized

By Paul Radu

In its zeal to please U.S., Romania tramples foreigners' rights

Anatomy of a rendition

By Leo Sisti

In cleric's abduction in Italy, the CIA all but left a calling card

A strained alliance

By Nathaniel Heller

Poland's cooperation with the U.S. brings internal and diplomatic disapproval

A casualty in the war on terror

By Nathaniel Heller

Europe's relations with U.S. undermined by apparent complicity on CIA prisons

Post-9/11 renditions: An extraordinary violation of international law

By Michael Bilton

Some say lack of due process in kidnappings and detention at secret prisons amounts to war crimes

An incentive to clamp down

By Mutegi Njau

With U.S. prodding, 3 East African nations get tough on terrorist suspects — even when evidence is lacking

U.S. treatment of detainees deplored

By Michael Bilton

Critics denounce 'waterboarding' and other interrogation techniques banned by Geneva Conventions

Allegiance rewarded

By Marina Walker Guevara

Ethiopia reaps U.S. aid by enlisting in war on terror and hiring influential lobbyists

A citizen’s guide to understanding U.S. foreign military aid

Terms and definitions used for ICIJ's 'Collateral Damage' reporting

The team, funding

The reporters and researchers behind ICIJ's 'Collateral Damage' project

Profiteering on location

By Alain Lallemand

Djibouti's repressive regime, not its people, has prospered since 9/11

Collateral damage

By Nathaniel Heller, Tom Stites and Ben Welsh

U.S. hands out vast sums of money to combat terrorism while ignoring human rights records; lobbying key to funding flows

A society consumed with qat

By Alain Lallemand

Drug's soothing effects mask its true roles: revenue and control

Jakarta's intelligence service hires Washington lobbyists

By Andreas Harsono and Nathaniel Heller

Former Indonesian president's foundation served as conduit for push to overturn ban on military cooperation