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Exporting mismanagement to Afghanistan

By R. Jeffrey Smith

A new use for nuclear weapons: hunting rogue asteroids

By Douglas Birch

Defense Department poorly managed design, construction of F-35 fighter, auditor says

By Douglas Birch

Security clearance lapses stemmed from Washington’s heedless emphasis on speed over quality

By Rebecca LaFlure

Surveilling a lover with the push of a button

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Audit reveals widespread problems in security system used by the Navy

By Rebecca LaFlure and R. Jeffrey Smith

Russian site eyed for Syrian chemical weapons destruction

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Audit: U.S. lacks anti-corruption plan for Afghan aid

By Douglas Birch

Court rejects Obama administration secrecy plea

By Rebecca LaFlure

U.S. agency rejects internal warnings about potential waste in Afghanistan aid program

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Some charities claiming to support veterans spend heavily on overhead instead

By Chad Garland and Andrew Knochel

One-fifth of female veterans from Iraq, Afghanistan show signs of sexual trauma

By Caitlin Cruz and Asha Anchan

Women veterans face stereotypes on and off the battlefield

By Asha Anchan, Kelsey Hightower and Caitlin Cruz

GI bill covered tuition for nearly a million post-9/11 veterans without tracking their progress

By Meg Wagner, Anthony Cave and Hannah Winston