Another $250 million drink for missile defenses

By Aaron Mehta

An ill-fated program set for termination at the end of 2013 gets new funding

VIDEO: What kind of defense budget would the American public make?

Discussion on a new poll on Americans' thoughts on the defense budget at the Stimson Center

How this survey was conducted

By Steve Kull

Panelists had the chance to read extensive pro and con arguments.

Public offers mixed support for military healthcare changes

By Aaron Mehta

The public supports reducing some military healthcare and personnel expenses, but not others.

Public overwhelmingly supports large defense spending cuts

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Young, old, Republicans, Democrats, men, women all say they favor whopping reductions in military spending.

Is defense spending a budget priority for Americans? Stay tuned for survey results

By R. Jeffrey Smith

What does it look like? Find out Thursday

ACCOUNTABILITY: Senators demand answers on behalf of military whistleblowers

By Aaron Mehta

McCain, Levin want more info on report disclosed by the Center.

Live chat: The public's agenda for military spending

Join the conversation about the American public's priorities for the Pentagon

What would your Pentagon budget look like?

How would you cut military defense spending?

Pentagon failed to protect whistleblowers

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Aaron Mehta

Investigators routinely disregarded rules, while rejecting 50 percent of complaints of reprisals for reporting waste, fraud and abuse.

Boxes of top secret documents go missing

By Aaron Mehta and R. Jeffrey Smith

The U.S. National Archives has a hard time figuring out where its classified records are.

What kind of defense budget would the American public make?

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Come to a presentation on May 10 of the defense budget that a representative sample of Americans prefers.

Corruption still threatens U.S. efforts in Afghanistan

By Aaron Mehta

As U.S. heads for the door in Afghanistan, persistent corruption threatens to undermine development efforts there.

Costly work ahead for F-22

By Aaron Mehta

America's newest fighter jet needs years of upgrades and repairs, but pilots are not keen to fly them.

New study affirms the grim role played by US guns in Mexican violence

By Aaron Mehta and R. Jeffrey Smith

More than two-thirds of the arms seized over five years came from U.S. sellers.

Missile defenses hobbled by uncertainties

By R. Jeffrey Smith

GAO report suggests the timetable for $80 billion missile defense effort may be driven by wishful thinking.

New report darkens reputation of Navy ship

By Aaron Mehta

The Littoral Combat Ship runs into choppy reviews.

On our radar screen: Oklahoma City bombing, drug use among troops

By Gordon Witkin and R. Jeffrey Smith

Items worth reading: A new investigative look into the Oklahoma City bombing, and increasing drug use among active-duty troops.

Navy failing to preserve historical culture, IG report says

By Aaron Mehta

An internal report warns that the service is ill-equipped to protect artifacts, records.

Fun facts about the top 96 Pentagon arms programs

Highlights from a GAO report on the top Pentagon arms programs.

Fooled again by Carlos and Ricardo

By Aaron Mehta

If it works once, keep at it, the DEA concludes.

Russian arms dealer gets 25-year prison sentence

By Aaron Mehta

Victor Bout, notorious weapons trafficker profiled in 2002 ICIJ investigation, gets 25 years in prison

Hurt twice: Once in war and once in treatment

By Aaron Mehta

Marines struggle in their wounded warrior treatment program.

No claims of ignorance please

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Satellite photos declassified by the government depict fighting in Syria.

DOD has a hand out on April 17

By Aaron Mehta

And where did you think your tax money was going?

Articles we find interesting

By R. Jeffrey Smith

Our latest findings in National Security reading on the web.

U.S. deal with europeans limits risk of illicit nuclear bombs

By Aaron Mehta

Washington makes headway in choking off the supply of highly-enriched uranium for medical isotopes.

Nuclear testers can run but not hide

By R. Jeffrey Smith

An expert scientific panel says that signficant, clandestine explosions are just about impossible.

The black hole of improper payments

By Aaron Mehta

Pentagon is not ready to meet 2010 legal requirement for data on misspending.

Billions of dollars for fancy software and where has it gotten them?

By R. Jeffrey Smith

New army and air force software produces errors not efficiency


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