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Army did not properly test more than 5 million bullet-proof plates

By Alexandra Duszak

Army can't guarantee quality of 5 million body armor plates that cost $2.5 billion

Congress urged to put Coast Guard on short leash with budget-busting Deepwater project

By Alexandra Duszak

Watchdog urges Congress to withhold Coast Guard money unless it submits quarterly Deepwater reports

House hearing probes 'Fast and Furious' missteps, reveals White House link

By Corbin Hiar

GOP investigators criticize ATF gun-running probe, reveal White House link

House offers budget boost to troubled Pentagon agency fighting roadside bombs

By Corbin Hiar

The House has added more cash for the Pentagon's troubled agency fighting roadside bombs

Justice Department enacts rule for reporting of rifle sales along the Southwest border

By Corbin Hiar

The Justice Department has implemented a controversial rule to require reporting of multiple rifle sales along the border

Contractor that was subject of iWatch News story reaches settlement with government

By Corbin Hiar

A controversial security contractor featured in an iWatch News piece has reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the government

Homeland not so secure as long as DHS can't share information

By Ben Wieder

IG criticizes Homeland Security for doing a poor job sharing critical threat information

Boeing pocketed millions by overcharging Army, IG report finds

By Ben Wieder

Boeing overcharged the Army $13 million for helicopter parts

After bin Laden, militants closer to Pakistan nukes

By Malik Siraj Akbar

FAS study yields concern over security around Pakistan nuclear weapons

The ledger sheet after a decade of war in Afghanistan

By Aaron Mehta

As Obama looks forward on Afghanistan, a look back

Family, agents decry "reckless" ATF gun operation on Mexican border

By Amy Biegelsen

Family of slain ATF agent testify at Congressional hearing on how guns slipped across border

Rail systems complain about lack of access to TSA anti-terrorism information

By Laurel Adams

Rail systems complain they get info about terror threats too little, too late

KBR subcontractor in Iraq gets U.S. contracts despite human trafficking allegations

By Ben Wieder

Kuwait catering firm gets U.S. contracts despite human trafficking allegations

Support for Navy’s $440 million shallow water combat ship is slowly sinking

By Laurel Adams

Navy's strategy of using two contractors to build two versions of the same ship is sinking

Army, Marines aren't reporting military readiness details on the same basis

By Laurel Adams

Army and Marines systems to track resources and readiness aren't on same wavelength

GAO says Congress is in the dark about anti-terrorism efforts across government

By Laurel Adams

State Department fails to inform Congress of government-wide efforts to thwart terrorist havens

Ahmed Ressam, mastermind of foiled LAX plot, gave up valuable details about al-Qaida without harsh interrogation

By David Heath

Fresh debate about interrogation tactics after bin Laden’s killing raises profile of foiled LAX bomber

Judge orders FBI to cough up information about a previously secret computer drive

By Aaron Mehta

FBI must respond by June 30 to federal judge's order for info about hidden computer drives

Pentagon's space surveillance is overwhelmed despite spending billions to upgrade the system

By Laurel Adams

Pentagon can't keep up with tracking space objects that have risen five-fold in 30 years

Military transformation in Korea, Japan and Guam will cost tens of billions

By Laurel Adams

GAO: Multibillion-dollar estimate for transforming military in Asia may be much higher

A vote of confidence for Mueller, but the same old computer problems for the FBI

By Aaron Mehta

Creating computerized case tracking system bedevils FBI director

ANALYSIS: Pakistani Intelligence Links to Islamic Extremists Run Deep

By Malik Siraj Akbar

What the bin Laden raid means for U.S.-Pakistan intelligence relations

Forecast improving for proposed rule aimed at border gun trafficking

By David Heath

Controversial proposal to curb gun smuggling into Mexico likely to pass tracking

Assistant attorney general's office approved wiretap in controversial gun probe

By John Solomon and David Heath

High-level Justice Department officials approved wiretap in controversial gun probe

VA medical centers in hot water for failing to follow sterilization training

By Laurel Adams

GAO says some VA medical centers aren't following strict sanitation guidelines for reusable medical equipment

Rep. Issa, Attorney General Holder clash over ATF gun trafficking probe

By David Heath

ATF is still on the hot seat for Fast and Furious investigation

Cost of pursuing bin Laden? Half a trillion and climbing

By John Aloysius Farrell and Aaron Mehta

Cost of chasing bin Laden won't stop climbing with his death

A timeline of who won and who lost in the decade since the worst terror attacks on U.S. soil

By Sandy Johnson

An analysis of the winners and losers over the last decade

The relentless pursuit of Osama bin Laden changed over 10 years

By John Solomon

ANALYSIS: Pursuit changed over 10 years


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