Women become increasingly involved in gun groups

By Lauren Loftus and Natalie Krebs

Thanks in part to targeted marketing, more women are buying guns for protection and sport

Excerpts from this story referencing "AR-15":

"… was the more sexual, sexy woman with a gun. A woman in a bikini holding an AR-15 (semi-automatic rifle),” she said. Lightfoot said women have always car …"

"… .” “The Women’s Network folks are young gals with ARs (referring to AR-15 semi-automatic rifles) and Glocks just beginning their hunting careers,” …"

Internet ammunition sales draw scrutiny

By Fred Schulte

Legislators want to crack down, but NRA says history shows regulation is not effective

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"… ings in which 12 people died and dozens more were wounded. Police found an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle magazine capable of firing 100 rounds at the scene. A …"

Badly flawed background check system fails to contain firearms sales

By Rick Schmitt

Background check system is plagued by a host of data problems, loopholes and disputes over just who should be barred.

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"… n-made AK-47, he purchased a Smith & Wesson revolver, a variant of the AR-15 assault rifle, and two shotguns. He had moved to Florida in January 2008. …"

Romanian weapons modified in the U.S. become scourge of Mexican drug war

By Rick Schmitt and Rick Young

Center story focused on Romanian weapon now targeted by Feinstein legislation

Excerpts from this story referencing "AR-15":

"… dentified in the ATF reports include several American-made versions of the AR-15 assault weapon, and two guns made by Fabrique Nationale Herstal of Belgium …"