More on Fred Humphries, FBI friend of Jill Kelley

By David Heath

Fred Humphries, who helped initiatiate the invetigation of Patraeus, praised for his interrogations of suspected terroists

Excerpts from this story referencing "Ahmed Ressam":

"… tor and defense lawyer praised Humphries for the rapport he developed with Ahmed Ressam, the man convicted of a plot to detonate a bomb in the Los Angeles Interna …"

Ahmed Ressam, mastermind of foiled LAX plot, gave up valuable details about al-Qaida without harsh interrogation

By David Heath

Fresh debate about interrogation tactics after bin Laden’s killing raises profile of foiled LAX bomber

Excerpts from this story referencing "Iraq":

"… nterrogator and intelligencer office with 30 years of experience including Iraq.It’s easy to get swept up in media images of terrorists as monsters with …"

"… but that’s fantasyland.”Kleinman saw brutal techniques being used in Iraq, men who were hooded, stripped naked, chained and beaten. He said those te …"

"… technique used on Ressam. By building rapport with captured insurgents in Iraq, military interrogators were able to track down the top local al-Qaida lea …"

"… ter he was subjected to harsh interrogation techniques linking al-Qaida to Iraq. President George W. Bush cited that information to justify going to war.R …"

Arrested Italian cell sheds light on Bin Laden's European network

By Leo Sisti and Maud S. Beelman

WASHINGTON, October 3, 2001 — On a cold winter night last January, on the outskirts of Milan, Italian anti-terrorist police intercepted a fr

Excerpts from this story referencing "Islam":

"… said. Italian authorities tailed the two as they drove to Milans Cultural Islamic Institute, whose former director was Anwar Shaaban, an Egyptian who was …"

"… at a man using the alias, Umar al Muhajer, was “joining a group of three Islamic extremists who were linked to the Osama Bin Laden organization and, from …"

"… Shakri, a Saudi national linked to a prominent member of the “Jamaat al Islamiya” terror organization. That groups spiritual leader, Sheik Omar Abdel …"

"… nistan to recruit people to bring to one of four Afghan training camps for Islamic fighters, where Bin Laden’s organization teaches bombmaking, disguise, …"