The Taliban and tobacco

By Aamir Latif and Kate Willson

Smuggled cigarettes give boost to Pakistani militants

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"… tons of hashish in a southwest Pakistan warehouse and another 6.5 tons in Antwerp, Belgium. But when 50 Pakistani police sought to arrest Afridi in 1990, th …"

Made to be smuggled

Russian contraband cigarettes ‘flooding’ EU

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"… est cigarette firms in the world — Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and British American Tobacco (BAT).Although BAT has publicly stated its opposition to cigarette smuggli …"

Conflict diamonds are forever

By Mungo Soggot

De Beers Mines strike major diamond find in area previously believed to be worthless

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"… liberately obscured for commercial and logistical reasons," Emma Muller, a journalist specializing in the diamond industry, wrote in South Africa's Busines …"

"… and the Logic of African Stability" conference were diplomats, academics, journalists – and Angolans. The Angolan contingent included Abel Chivukuvuku, liste …"

Making a killing

By Phillip van Niekerk

Overview story for Making a killing: The business of war

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"… fited from war. But these have been hampered by a lack of intelligence and law enforcement coordination.When Minin, a Ukrainian arms dealer, was arrested with bags o …"

"… o Ethiopia. Why should we care?"Monitoring arms trafficking to Africa, one law enforcement official said, was a part-time job at Interpol.International arms embargoe …"

"… Indeed, the failure of intelligence agencies to share information hindered law enforcement. "Despite the fact that it is a secret world, we were at least able to fin …"

"… . State Department official, said there is a crying need for international law enforcement aimed at curbing global criminals."What are needed are U.N. inspection tea …"

The looting of Russia

By David E. Kaplan and Christian Caryl

WASHINGTON, August 3, 1998 — "Can you take a look at this?" asked Joe Davidson's supervisor at the FBI, handing him a file. Davidson cracked

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"… ncisco Mayor Frank Jordan, his chief of police, state officials, and local CEOs. They snacked on caviar and sipped champagne while listening to speeches …"

"… viser to San Francisco’s mayor and who would later be tapped to serve as CEO of Golden ADA. Bychkov had known President Yeltsin since the 1960s, when Y …"

"… taken away from him, Kozlenok turned to Immendorf. He asked him to become CEO and straighten things out. Attracted by a million-dollar salary, the 54-ye …"

"… ad disbursed over $130 million with few clear records. After six months as CEO, Immendorf quit. “These guys were all stealing from each other,” he co …"