The Taliban and tobacco

By Aamir Latif and Kate Willson

Smuggled cigarettes give boost to Pakistani militants

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"… tons of hashish in a southwest Pakistan warehouse and another 6.5 tons in Antwerp, Belgium. But when 50 Pakistani police sought to arrest Afridi in 1990, th …"

Made to be smuggled

Russian contraband cigarettes ‘flooding’ EU

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"… arsaw Alley” to Berlin and the Ruhr, and then on to the channel ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.Their anti-smuggling teams have extensively used mobile phon …"

Conflict diamonds are forever

By Mungo Soggot

De Beers Mines strike major diamond find in area previously believed to be worthless

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"… ighlighted the lack of oversight at key diamond centers worldwide, such as Antwerp and Tel Aviv. Subsequent reports in 2000 by Global Witness, a London-based …"

"… . De Beers stopped buying diamonds on the open market – in Africa and in Antwerp, the world's diamond trading capital – relying instead on its own mines …"

"… nds. Apart from halting its open market buying operations in Africa and in Antwerp, De Beers has stopped buying stones from official government mines in Afri …"

Making a killing

By Phillip van Niekerk

Overview story for Making a killing: The business of war

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"… With so-called conflict diamonds being laundered through the exchanges of Antwerp and Tel Aviv, the industry responded only after it was challenged by nongo …"

The looting of Russia

By David E. Kaplan and Christian Caryl

WASHINGTON, August 3, 1998 — "Can you take a look at this?" asked Joe Davidson's supervisor at the FBI, handing him a file. Davidson cracked

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"… any’s name.At the reception, Kozlenok said that he had branch offices in Antwerp — center of the international diamond trade — and in Moscow, where the …"

"… olden ADA placed the Russians outside the major diamond centers of London, Antwerp, and New York, while offering access to the world’s largest diamond mark …"

"… re quietly hauled back across the Atlantic, to Golden ADA’s operation in Antwerp, where they were sold to companies controlled, ironically, by De Beers. Th …"

"… on, which investigators traced to Swiss accounts. As in San Francisco, the Antwerp Golden ADA reeked of corruption. False invoices declared the diamonds to b …"