Alleged White House shooter used controversial assault rifle

By Gordon Witkin

Romanian gun used by alleged White House shooter was subject of iWatch News probe

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kalashnikov":

"… on used in the incident was a so-called WASR-10, a Romanian version of the Kalashnikov assault weapon that is sold in the United States by a Florida-based import …"

Romanian weapons modified in the U.S. become scourge of Mexican drug war

By Rick Schmitt and Rick Young

Center story focused on Romanian weapon now targeted by Feinstein legislation

Excerpts from this story referencing "law":

"… ed semiautomatic weapons have also been a problem, despite a long-standing law designed to keep them from U.S. shores —weapons like the Romanian made W …"

"… import, but clever importers have found a completely legal way around the law. Foreign guns like the WASR-10 are shipped here stripped of their military …"

"… bama Administration to alter its interpretation of the "sporting purposes" law to close what they saw as a loophole—something they claimed the Presiden …"

"… Department responded that the guns in question—like the WASR-10— "are lawfully entering the country." On Friday, the leader of that Congressional ef …"