Security clearance lapses stemmed from Washington’s heedless emphasis on speed over quality

By Rebecca LaFlure

Profits and politics, plus a sudden growth in secrecy-obsessed institutions, played key roles in misguided security clearance decisions.

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"… hecks by USIS — those that led to the clearance renewal of National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, the leaker of tens of thousands of highl …"

"… temporarily due to the government shutdown — by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, at which top officials from OPM, the O …"

"… his summer, Sen. Jon Tester, D-MT, a committee member, introduced the Security Clearance Oversight and Reform Enhancement Act, which, among various refor …"

"… in March 2005 to 9,421 in January 2008, according to a 2008 report by the Security Clearance Oversight Group, which includes officials from OPM and OMB. Most …"

Audit reveals widespread problems in security system used by the Navy

By Rebecca LaFlure and R. Jeffrey Smith

The U.S. military is widely using a security system that lets felons onto its bases.

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"… d with former senior military and civilian officials including ex-Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, was the 15th fastest growing Security company in 2013 …"

"… s, operations and support. Sen. Claire McCaskill, who chairs the Homeland Security’s financial and contracting oversight subcommittee and who requested the …"

TSA cannot guarantee accuracy of 900,000 airport security badges

By Alexandra Duszak

More than 10 percent of TSA badges have errors

Badly flawed background check system fails to contain firearms sales

By Rick Schmitt

Background check system is plagued by a host of data problems, loopholes and disputes over just who should be barred.