Johns Hopkins medical unit rarely finds black lung, helping coal industry defeat miners' claims

By Chris Hamby, Brian Ross and Matthew Mosk

A surprising force has helped industry defeat black lung benefits claims for ailing miners: Johns Hopkins University.

Excerpts from this story referencing "asbestosis":

"… s show pneumoconiosis — a family of disease that includes black lung and asbestosis, but not histoplasmosis, tuberculosis and similar illnesses. When reading …"

The other Washington could hold the key to Medicare's cost crisis

By Joe Eaton

Washington state won't pay for medical procedures that don't work. Why can't Medicare do that?

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"… ing measures, because its authority is limited, cuts are controversial and Congress frequently interferes. Washington state, however, is making the tough cho …"

"… vernor vetoed. “Medicare should be doing this, but it gets rolled by the Congress,” said Dr. Robert Berenson, a health policy expert at the Urban Institut …"

"… e Payment Advisory Commission (MEDPAC), an independent agency that advises Congress on issues affecting Medicare. Berenson pointed to several high-profile exa …"

"… s affecting Medicare. Berenson pointed to several high-profile examples of Congress meddling with coverage policy, including the case of the late Sen. Ted Ste …"

U.S. report urges deeper look into breast cancer's environmental links

By Jim Morris

A new federal report urges enhanced research into potential environmental triggers of breast cancer.

Reporter Jim Morris and Canadian researchers Jim Brophy and Margaret Keith will answer your questions about new findings for breast cancer risks

Join reporter Jim Morris and researchers Jim Brophy and Margaret Keith today at 12pm ET to talk new findings about risk for breast cancer.

Union demands protection for workers, after breast cancer linked to auto plastics industry

By Jennifer Quinn, Robert Cribb, Julian Sher and Jim Morris

A study linking higher rates of breast cancer for women in the auto plastics industry triggers anger among workers.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Canada":

"… ast cancer, and another 1,146 who did not. The researchers, who came from Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., took into account factors like smoking, weight, a …"

"… About 91,000 Canadians work in the plastics trade, according to Industry Canada and — with a 37 per cent female workforce — it has the highest proport …"

"… al exposure limits for BPA — the controversial chemical banned by Health Canada for use in baby bottles in 2010. The chemical is seen to have a negligible …"

"… . The chemical is seen to have a negligible risk for adults. A Statistics Canada survey two years ago found that 91 per cent of Canadians had the substance …"

Study spotlights high breast cancer risk for plastics workers

By Jim Morris

Researchers cite breast cancer risks in Canadian plastic auto parts factories — with potential implications in the U.S. and beyond.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Canada":

"… oxic exposures.The six-year study, conducted by a team of researchers from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, examined the occupational histo …"

"… dings, although they’re clearly based on Canadian groups, go well beyond Canada,” said another of the Windsor study’s co-authors, Andrew Watterson, di …"

2 paths forward for uninsured, 1 clouded by ruling

By The Associated Press

Court ruling giving states leeway on Medicaid casts uncertainty on new coverage for millions

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"… me individuals optional for the states," said Rockefeller.Officials at the Health and Human Services department say they are not particularly concerned. The …"

"… e available federal funding."Not every state took part when the Children's Health Insurance Program was launched in the 1990s, Hash noted. But within two ye …"

Low doses of some chemicals tied to health effects

By Marla Cone

Scientists see links to infertility, heart disease and other disorders from exposure to small amounts of hormone-altering chemicals

Excerpts from this story referencing "Biology":

"… t Tufts University’s Levin Lab Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology, told Environmental Health News.But many toxicologists subscribe to “the …"

ANALYSIS: Despite GOP claims, U.S. health care nowhere near 'best' in the world

By Wendell Potter

Americans pay more for health care than anyone in the world, but our system is not the best

Excerpts from this story referencing "president":

"… ose that distinction because of Obamacare. I’ve heard GOP candidates for president say the same thing in recent months, charging that we need to get rid of a …"

Digital mammography no better than film for most women, despite increased costs

By Joe Eaton

New report shows little difference despite increased costs for digital

Excerpts from this story referencing "cancer":

"… hy with less expensive film mammography found that the two types of breast cancer screens are equally effective at detecting cancers in most women, undersco …"

"… the two types of breast cancer screens are equally effective at detecting cancers in most women, underscoring the conclusions reached by a recent iWatch Ne …"

"… mammograms were better at detecting estrogen receptor-negative tumors and cancers in women with extremely dense breasts, both of which are more common in y …"

"… all they have is digital, that’s fine, too.”Although the two types of cancer screens perform equally well for most women overall, digital mammograms, w …"

Forty percent of Medicare spending on common cancer screenings unnecessary, probe suggests

By Rochelle Sharpe and Elizabeth Lucas

Forty percent of Medicare spending on common cancer screenings may be unnecessary

Excerpts from this story referencing "Breast cancer":

"… was spent screening people who were in their 90s, the investigation showed.Breast cancer screening guidelines were disregarded most frequently during this period, …"

"… who recently underwent chemotherapy to treat rectal cancer when he was 92.Breast cancer politicsOf the four major cancer screenings, mammography is the most expen …"

Research methodology

By David Donald and Elizabeth Lucas

A look at how data was gathered for Medicare reporting

Excerpts from this story referencing "Breast cancer":

"… cer screenings include both Papanicolaou smears and liquid-based cytology. Breast cancer screenings include both film and digital mammograms, and prostate cancer s …"

Ask Wendell: Squeak long and loud with health insurers

By Wendell Potter

Deb Richter's case proves it: health insurance firms don't like high-profile controversies

During Mitch Daniels’ decade at Eli Lilly, the drug giant paid billions in fines and settled thousands of lawsuits

By Joanne Kenen and Rochelle Sharpe

Eli Lilly paid billions in fines, settled thousands of lawsuits while Daniels was an executive at the drug giant

Excerpts from this story referencing "diabetes":

"… already mandated warning labels be put on Zyprexa to warn of the danger of diabetes, hyperglycemia and death. At that time, a Lilly spokeswoman said the compa …"

"… s of significant weight gain and increases in blood sugar that could cause diabetes. More than 16 percent of patients in the company’s clinical trials gaine …"

"… uring Daniels’ last year at the company, executives received advice from diabetes doctors retained as consultants, who warned: “Unless we come clean on th …"

Analysis – One year later, health reform a law worth keeping

By Wendell Potter

Is the health care reform law a good deal for Americans or is it so badly flawed that Congress should repeal it?...

Excerpts from this story referencing "health insurance":

"… s parents were terrified before the law was passed because the family’s health insurance policy had a $1 million lifetime cap. Thanks to a provision in the law tha …"

"… he law will be phased in. By 2014, for example, states will have to set up health insurance exchanges, which should help control costs. Between 2000 and 2010, America …"

"… r Family Foundation. While employers often still pay the lion’s share of health insurance premiums, workers are seeing their portion increase every year. During the …"

Unproven for older women, digital mammography saps Medicare dollars

By Joe Eaton, Elizabeth Lucas and David Donald

High-tech, digital mammography may not be any better at detecting breast cancer in women over 65 than older film-based systems, but Medicare

Excerpts from this story referencing "cancer":

"… azines suggesting digital mammograms were more effective at finding breast cancer than traditional film tests. They played on emotions with mother and child …"

"… But experts say the newer technology has not been proven to improve breast cancer detection, particularly among women 65 and older who make up the vast majo …"

"… stitute sponsored trial released in 2005 suggest the machines find no more cancers in older women than film mammograms. The trial, which was first reported …"

"… ogy took off. In 2003, film mammograms made up all but 4 percent of breast cancer mammography claims. By 2008, digital mammography had trumped film, rising …"


By Kevin Bogardus

Profiles of the top consultants in 2003 and 2004

Excerpts from this story referencing "John Edwards":

"… is's 2002 election; Steven Stenberg, partner—Virginia state director for John Edwards' 2004 presidential campaignPlaces: Having worked for the party's bigg …"