FBI abuses power to request personal information

By The Center for Public Integrity

After the Patriot Act, FBI increased requests of personal information, including phone calls, emails, and financial transactions

The 700 (MHz) Club

By Brendan McGarry

When lobbying the FCC, sometimes less is more

Excerpts from this story referencing "Communication":

"… rules during the first seven months of 2007.  …"

The cost of indecency

By John Dunbar

Big settlements lead to tamer airwaves

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"… sign that he has already accomplished his mission. …"

"… g"]The pause is no doubt related to regime change and two vacancies on the Federal Communications Commission. But a far more likely cause is the impact of record settlement agreements …"

Baby Bells paying to play

By John Dunbar

Bells paid two-thirds of fines and settlements since Jan. 2000

Excerpts from this story referencing "Verizon Communications":

"… d over $17.1 million, including a $9 million fine paid recently. Second is Verizon Communications with $12 million, and third is San Antonio, Texas-based SBC Communications …"

Indecency on the air

By John Dunbar

Shock-radio jock Howard Stern remains 'King of All Fines'

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"… k's Cathedral in New York City. That stunt sparked a huge protest from the Catholic Church and proposed fines totaling $378,500.The "Elliot in the Morning" show was …"

FCC managers still flying free

FCC officials accepted nearly $2.8 million in travel and entertainment expenses over the past eight years

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"… ier intention to ask for a $500,000 increase in travel funds. …"

FCC plans to nix industry-paid travel

By John Dunbar

Agency chair seeks $500,000 increase in travel budget to "largely eliminate" industry perks

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"… from a powerful member of the House Appropriations Committee, the Federal Communications Commission says it plans to largely eliminate its longtime practice of ac …"

Bill would eliminate industry-sponsored travel for FCC

Bill would eliminate industry-sponsored travel for FCC

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"… statement, addressed to President George Bush.The bill was co-authored by South Carolina Democrat, Sen. Ernest Hollings."Although this is perfectly legal and it is …"

FCC votes 3-2 to loosen media rules

Votes were filed along party lines

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"… ts of each of the commissioners, please go to www.fcc.gov. …"

Behind closed doors

Top broadcasters met 71 times with FCC officials

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"… es. …"

"… of "Rich Media, Poor Democracy" and research professor in the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. "This is just …"

"… o times), Hearst (two times), News Corp., Gannett, Clear Channel Communications, Cox Enterprises, CumulusBroadcasting, and Radio One  …"

A penchant for secrecy

By John Dunbar

Why the FCC so determined to keep key data from the public

On the road again—and again

By Morgan Jindrich

FCC officials rack up $2.8 million travel tab with industries they regulate

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"… are the public," said Schwartzman. "That is the real problem here. …"

"… California Cable Television Association (80 trips, $108,242); the Federal Communications Bar Association, which represents Communications attorneys that practice …"

"… dustry Association (38 trips, $43,506); and the Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (34 trips, $30,601).The second biggest sponsor of trips was t …"

Well connected

FCC and industry maintain cozy relationship on many levels

Excerpts from this story referencing "Communication":

"… eady dominate many of the nation's media markets, even as the Federal Communications Commission moves to further relax media ownership rules at a meeting …"

"… onglomerates. Twenty-seven of those are owned by radio giant Clear Channel Communications.The cable systems in the five communities are controlled by four companie …"

"… rogrammed by AOL Time Warner; Louisville's system is owned by Insight Communications Co., the nation's ninth-largest cable company. Only the Rapid City s …"

Captive audience

By John Dunbar

A few big media firms dominate 4 of 5 FCC commissioners' hometownsA few big media firms dominate 4 of 5 FCC commissioners' hometowns

Excerpts from this story referencing "Media Access Project":

"… ners is required to adopt new rules.Gannett was recently criticized by the Media Access Project for failing to cover a forum on the ownership issue in Phoenix, where the …"

The FCC's rapidly revolving door

By John Dunbar

SBC senior veep a glaring example

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kathleen Abernathy":

"… rvice and private industry.Before being named an FCC commissioner in 2001, Kathleen Abernathy was vice president of public policy at BroadBand Office Communications, In …"


By Charles Lewis

Relaxing media ownership rules conflicts with the public's right to know

Excerpts from this story referencing "Bob Livingston":

"… cans, including then-Majority Whip Tom DeLay, then-Appropriations Chairman Bob Livingston, future House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Billy Tauzin, chairman of the Ho …"


What is the Media Tracker?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… ving any community in the United States. Using the Media Tracker and other Center for Public Integrity resources, the public can freely investigate how those owners seek to infl …"

"… is no stronger than its sources. Where they are flawed, it is flawed. The Center for Public Integrity sought to fully collect and faithfully report all information. But if info …"

"… were harvested will not be reflected here.Measuring Political InfluenceThe Center for Public Integrity's aim was to quantify the political activities of the largest companies an …"

Commentary: Profiteering from democracy

By Charles Lewis

In his January 1998 State of the Union address, after decrying the campaign-fund-raising "arms race," Preside

Excerpts from this story referencing "Michael Eisner":

"… iscuss. The Centers calls to Gerald Levin, chairman of Time Warner, and to Michael Eisner, chairman of Disney, were not returned. Nor would the CEOs of the other bi …"

McCain tax bill would save corporate contributors millions

WASHINGTON, D.C. February 11, 2000 — Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has talked at length about tax cuts that would benefit lowe

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"… &T goes well beyond his recent initiative: both his former legislative director, John W. Timmons, and Timmons’ wife, Paula a former aide on the Commerce …"

"… include Republican FCC Commissioner Michael Powell, Jim Winston, executive director of the National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters, and Don Cornwell, …"