Sri Lanka bans Monsanto herbicide citing potential link to deadly kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

Sri Lanka orders ban on glyphosate, an active ingredient in Roundup, citing kidney disease outbreak; Monsanto said the evidence is unproven.

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"… eficial for worker's health, we should not expect that this will solve the epidemic in Central America." Jayasumana’s article contends that glyphosate, whi …"

"… time problem with our hypothesis,” Jayasumana said, in reference to the epidemic’s unusual geography and its surge in all of the affected regions during …"

"… rantes, the director of El Salvador’s national research program into the epidemic, said his team is working on developing a map of areas with hard water wit …"

Money, research target mystery kidney disease in Americas

By Sasha Chavkin

Escalating a search for the cause of a mysterious kidney disease, health ministers from the Americas target money and research to CKD.

Countries target pesticides as suspected link to rare kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

Governments from El Salvador to Sri Lanka explore the role of pesticides in a malady killing laborers, as other scientists eye heat stress.

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"… but scientists have yet to definitively uncover the cause of the parallel epidemics. Following its emergence in the 1990s, the disease was widely ignored by …"

"… Silica has not emerged as a suspect in the Central American or Sri Lankan epidemics, but a recent study linked occupational exposure to the mineral to increa …"

"… e kidney. “I do not think that by banning pesticides you will solve the epidemic,” said Dr. Catharina Wesseling of the Program on Work, Environment and H …"

New urgency targets mysterious kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

In El Salvador, health ministries formally recognize a kidney disease killing laborers — and vow deeper scrutiny of its causes.

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"… mysterious disease. Following years in which researchers battling parallel epidemics in Central America, Sri Lanka and India failed to compare results, Sri La …"

"… , said she also hopes to ban pesticides that are potentially linked to the epidemic. Yet other researchers questioned the weight of evidence pointing to pest …"

"… p is virtually nil” between glyphosate and the Sri Lankan kidney disease epidemic, Goldstein said. Dow Chemicals, which developed 2,4-D, did not respond to …"

In Sri Lanka, new steps target mysterious kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

In Sri Lanka, the president vows controls on chemicals potentially linked to chronic kidney disease, as hospitals take steps for patients.

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"… rtilizers amid growing concern the chemicals are helping fuel a mysterious epidemic of chronic kidney disease devastating its north central region.In Septembe …"

"… ists in each region are struggling to identify the cause of these parallel epidemics, which have led to tens of thousands of deaths worldwide and are suspecte …"

"… a said, referring in oblique terms to the politically controversial kidney epidemic. “Therefore, regulations will be formulated to require suppliers and dis …"

"… yake said, some individuals and groups have emerged seeking to exploit the epidemic. To prevent problems, Dassanayake said his hospital only accepts kidney do …"

In India, verdant terrain conceals clues to a fatal kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

How a rare kidney disease is killing laborers and vexing researchers in three countries.

Excerpts from this story referencing "India":

"… t his family. “If the disease continues, no one will be here.” …"

"… villagers of this remote agricultural belt in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. In some villages, the disease has impacted from 24 to 37 percent of the p …"

In Sri Lanka, breakthroughs, setbacks and a spiritual touch

By Sasha Chavkin and Anna Barry-Jester

How a rare kidney disease is killing laborers and vexing researchers in three countries.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Sampath Kumarasinghe":

"… d those they inspire to make extraordinary sacrifices for strangers.At 21, Sampath Kumarasinghe is among the victims awaiting that miracle.The soft-spoken farmer was diag …"

As kidney disease kills thousands across continents, scientists scramble for answers

By Sasha Chavkin

How a rare kidney disease is killing laborers and vexing researchers in three countries.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Andhra Pradesh":

"… other sources put the number more than double that. In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, more than 1,500 have been treated for the ailment since 2007.“There’s …"

"… s than 100 miles, this stretch of villages near the northern border of the Andhra Pradesh state has been suffering for two decades from a mysterious strain of CKD.H …"

"… said Singh, of Harvard. Dr. Ravi Raju Tatapudi, a leading nephrologist in Andhra Pradesh and the other study director, said heavy metals and pesticides running off …"

"… iative called NefroLempa that targets chronic kidney disease, the state of Andhra Pradesh has created a health insurance system for the poor and built new dialysis …"

Support our new investigation into a deadly disease killing agricultural workers

By Ellen Weiss

Support our investigation of a disease that is killing workers around the world.

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"… las Viudas — The Island of the Widows. That first story about the epidemic prompted the Costa Rican government to launch a study and a leading Costa …"

"… you to support this team to travel and report, for the first time, on the epidemic’s scope, and expose the risky working conditions and international negle …"

"… llery and video illustrating its human consequences. Each year this deadly epidemic is killing thousands of the world's poorest citizens — please help make …"

Costa Rica to study kidney disease afflicting sugarcane workers

By Sasha Chavkin

In Costa Rica, health officials and one company step up against a disease that's claimed thousands of lives in Central America

Excerpts from this story referencing "epidemic":

"… estigative Journalists that explored the mysterious and largely overlooked epidemic of chronic kidney disease — or CKD — that is killing thousands of suga …"

"… cally sensitive questions surrounding what regional health experts call an epidemic: whether the illness should be classified as an occupational disease. Many …"

"… rdas, a nephrologist at Costa Rica’s Hospital Mexico who has studied the epidemic in Guanacaste. “If it proves this, the government will say to the manage …"

"… American scientists that has played a pioneering role in the study of the epidemic. In Guanacaste, doctors who last year described being overwhelmed by the f …"


A note of the data and analysis for 'Island of the Widows'

Excerpts from this story referencing "epidemic":

"… lth Organization. Our goal was to obtain to a conservative estimate of the epidemic’s impact in the region, despite the lack of formal recognition or classi …"

"… ey failure. This is partly because the lack of a distinct category for the epidemic resulted in kidney disease deaths being classified in different ways. It i …"

"… hs from kidney failure over time were a reasonable method for tracking the epidemic’s course in the absence of official recognition for it.The data show tha …"

"… ecognition for it.The data show that this formula clearly reflects the CKD epidemic. Across Central America in 2009, the most recent year available, 87 percen …"

Super Congress hauls in super donations as special interests try to influence budget cuts

By Aaron Mehta and Josh Israel

Gang of 12 tasked with cutting budget by $1.5 trillion hauls in big PAC donations

CDC launches industry-financed studies of deadly kidney disease in Central America

By Sasha Chavkin

The CDC launches industry-funded research into a kidney disease killing thousands of Central American agricultural workers.

Excerpts from this story referencing "United States":

"… s and NGOs involved in groups such as CENCAM, many of them from Europe and United States, focus on brutal working conditions in the sugar industry. For its part, …"

World Bank approves loan to sugar plantation amid concerns about kidney disease

By Sasha Chavkin

World Bank approved $15M loan to Nicaraguan sugar plantation, even as industry is ravaged by disease.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Daniel Brooks":

"… or and the disease has been established.” It’s an interpretation that Daniel Brooks, the lead scientist for the Boston University team, said is technically ac …"

The weekly watchdog: Dec. 12 - Dec. 16

By Bill Buzenberg

In case you missed them, catch up on this week's top investigations from iWatch News

Thousands of sugar cane workers die as wealthy nations stall on solutions

By Sasha Chavkin and Ronnie Greene

Mysterious kidney disease has killed thousands of men in an isolated region of Central America, but why?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Daniel Brooks":

"… icient replacement of fluids — might be a cause of this disease,” said Daniel Brooks, lead researcher of a scientific team from Boston University that is among …"