Governors and oil industry work hand in hand in offshore drilling group

By Nicholas Kusnetz

Lobbying firm, advocacy organization did much of the work.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Responsive Politics":

"… r sector — more than $1.4 million over the past decade, according to the Center for Responsive Politics and the National Institute on Money in State Politics. Jindal’s office …"

PR firm busts disclosure deadline while representing Burkina Faso

By Carrie Levine

CD Global Strategies took months — instead of 10 days — to inform the Justice Department of its work for Burkina Faso.

Excerpts from this story referencing "U.S. Department of Justice":

"… alf of foreign principals to register and disclose their activities to the U.S. Department of Justice within 10 days of agreeing to become a foreign agent and before doing any …"

Congress' never-ending political money chase

By Dave Levinthal

Congressional lawmakers are hard at work raising campaign cash in D.C. as lame duck session begins.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… eady back on the fundraising trail, according to documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity: Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., will hold court Wednesday evening at Rosa Me …"

Obama administration let opponents define the Affordable Care Act

By Wendell Potter

Commentary: Obama administration let foes define Affordable Care Act.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Insurance":

"… stupid.   Wendell Potter is the author of Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR is Killing Health Care and …"

Nuclear weapons lab used taxpayer funds to obtain more taxpayer funds

By R. Jeffrey Smith

A government auditor uncovers a textbook case of lobbying by a contractor at federal expense.

Excerpts from this story referencing "lobbyist":

"… of doing business: Get one federal grant, and then use the profits to hire lobbyists — including former members of Congress — to meet with federal officia …"

"… said in a prepared statement that she had done nothing wrong. "I was not a lobbyist for Sandia and I did not contact any federal official — Congressional or …"

Poorly rated nursing homes got HUD-guaranteed mortgages anyway

By Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

Hundreds of poorly rated facilities received mortgage guarantees.

Excerpts from this story referencing "HUD":

"… e in Rockford, Illinois. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) insured the loan through a little-known federal program started in 1959. …"

"… of just 3.63 percent — close to the average rate for participants in the HUD program and nearly 2 percentage points less than the rate Cambridge had gr …"

"… e rate Cambridge had granted Alden Alma Nelson Manor in 2004 for a similar HUD-backed mortgage. But a lot had happened at the home in the years between …"

"… Nevertheless, Cambridge Realty granted that mortgage refinance.  And HUD guaranteed it. Business as usual An unusual situation? Not really. Nursi …"

Hate political ads? Skip morning shows

By Dave Levinthal

'Today,' 'Good Morning America' were top draws for U.S. Senate message machines ahead of the 2014 midterms.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Democrats":

"… t 150 ads during "Access Hollywood," a nightly tabloid show. And although Democrats routinely lambaste Fox News, accusing it of conservative bias, they're not …"

"… w." Republican candidates and their supporters were much more likely than Democrats to buy ad time on "Wheel of Fortune," "Big Bang Theory," "Nightline," "NBC …"

Analysis shows widespread discrepancies in staffing levels reported by nursing homes

By Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

Analysis shows staffing levels lower than what's reported on public website.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Nursing":

"… ing levels at the home that were lower. Much lower. A systematic problem Nursing homes across the country had similar reporting discrepancies between the t …"

"… sources, the Center’s analysis reveals. Data on the publicly available Nursing Home Compare website, which is promoted and operated by the government for …"

"… te-federal Medicaid program are a more accurate source of information than Nursing Home Compare. Those financial documents, which are harder for the public t …"

"… voice on elderly care issues, said the self-reported data included on the Nursing Home Compare website shows an “extreme overestimation.” “Some … fa …"

Health insurers win midterm election!

By Wendell Potter

Commentary: midterm results create a friendlier Congress.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Mitch McConnell":

"… urance company shareholders in good humor. Within 24 hours of knowing that Mitch McConnell would replace Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, investors were active …"

GOP rides cavalry to U.S. Senate majority

By Michael Beckel, Dave Levinthal and Carrie Levine

Super PACs, 'dark money' nonprofits help make Election Day difference as Republicans seize a U.S. Senate majority

Excerpts from this story referencing "Senate":

"… Public Integrity tracked political advertising in races for the U.S. Senate, state-level offices and state ballot measures. Use th …"

"… s. They were right. On Tuesday night, Republicans won control of the U.S. Senate for the first time in eight years. In many of the states the GOP won Tues …"

"… ral Election Commission ruling in 2010. Democrats, who enjoyed a six-seat Senate majority going into Election Day, attempted to defend themselves from an e …"

"… als, and liberal donors dug deep to support a pro-Democratic super PAC — Senate Majority PAC — that became the top sponsor of Senate-focused campaign ad …"

FEC hunts political ghosts on Halloween

By Carrie Levine

On Halloween, the elections agency sent disclosure demands to hundreds of candidates — including those no longer alive.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Federal Election Commission":

"… including $208,000 in unpaid civil penalties owed to the FEC itself. …"

More scrutiny coming for Medicare Advantage, Obamacare

By Fred Schulte

New round of audits coming; Obamacare too.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… s to overbill the government are pending in federal courts. The Center for Public Integrity’s “Medicare Advantage Money Grab” series, published in June, reveale …"

"… d at nearly $650 million for 2007 alone — just for those six plans. The Center for Public Integrity’s investigation confirmed that federal officials, after years of hagglin …"

'Banking Caucus' member aims for Senate

By Alison Fitzgerald

Republican candidate for Senate U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito defends little banks but big banks benefit too.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… “Congressional Banking Caucus,” a group of lawmakers identified by the Center for Public Integrity as especially solicitous to the banking industry. They are all members of …"

"… al Services Committee and three have been passed to the Senate. Since the Center for Public Integrity published a report on these lawmakers in April, their efforts to reshape t …"

U.S. Senate races to attract 1 million TV ads

By Michael Beckel and Dave Levinthal

Super PACs, nonprofits help fuel relentlessly negative messaging in U.S. Senate races.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Senate":

"… r Public Integrity is tracking political advertising in races for the U.S. Senate and state-level offices. Use these two, interactive features to see who is …"

"… ng the shots and where the money is being spent. After this year’s U.S. Senate races are run and done, the notoriously nasty contests will likely limp in …"

"… . Evil — one million television ads. Through Monday, about 908,000 U.S. Senate-focused TV ads have aired this election cycle, according to a Center for P …"

"… ed, to say nothing of the deluge of messaging that would flood anticipated Senate runoff contests in Georgia and Louisiana, the million-ad mark will be ecli …"

Pennsylvania congressman launches frack waste investigation

By David Hasemyer and Zahra Hirji

Congressman Matt Cartwright, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, is asking state officials to review environmental exemptions for fracking waste.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Environment":

"… etter to Dana Aunkst, the acting secretary of Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). "The Subcommittee minority is conducting this oversig …"

"… his lack of understanding can be traced to decisions Congress and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency made decades ago, when oil and gas producers successfu …"

"… l, president and CEO of the Environmental advocacy group Pennsylvania Environmental Council, this is a "signal that the DEP will step up and enforce" its ex …"

Super PACs exploit disclosure loophole

By Dave Levinthal

Several political committees that materialized in recent days aren't required to reveal donors until after Election Day.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Congress":

"… eir donors during the final weeks of a major election, when the control of Congress is at stake, is "damaging" and undermines the core of our campaign laws an …"

"… ompliance at campaign consulting firm Aristotle, disagrees. He argues that Congress would need to pass a law requiring late-filing super PACs to disclosue don …"

GAO takes on Medicare Advantage spending

By Fred Schulte

GAO will investigate program spending.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Humana":

"… federal courts. In one case, Miami physician Olivia Graves alleged that a Humana-affiliated clinic had diagnosed an abnormally high number of patients with …"

"… not supported by the medical records.” The suit alleges that Humana knew about the practices and did nothing to stop the overcharging. The sui …"

"… care paid thousands of dollars for each patient who was wrongly diagnosed. Humana has denied the allegations. In a separate civil case, Josh Valdez, a …"

A call for more scrutiny of private Medicare Advantage plans

By Fred Schulte

Researchers say aggressive billing by private plans may require more scrutiny

Excerpts from this story referencing "Center for Public Integrity":

"… k score] adjustment,” Kronick said in response to questions posed by the Center for Public Integrity. (Kronick required that questions be submitted in writing and responded to …"

"… s and that results in massive profits across a population over time.” A Center for Public Integrity investigation published in June found that Medicare made ne …"

"… ther positively or negatively, on health care quality,” Kronick told the Center for Public Integrity. Kronick said that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the ar …"

"… or may not be coming down the road,” said spokesman Raymond Thorn. (The Center for Public Integrity in May sued CMS under the Freedom of Information Act to compel the agency …"

California coverage plan for undocumented echoes earlier call by Schwarzenegger

By Wendell Potter

Commentary: former governor supported plan allowing coverage for undocumented residents.

Excerpts from this story referencing "insurance":

"… m bill enabling undocumented residents to buy coverage on the state health insurance exchanges out of fear that doing so might jeopardize their re-election cha …"

"… all of the state’s 2.6 million undocumented residents — to have health insurance (The Massachusetts law does allow the undocumented to receive state-funded …"

"… Romney’s, but not quite enough, thanks to an unholy alliance between big insurance companies and employer groups and liberal activists and lawmakers who woul …"

"… esidents to either enroll in the state’s Medicaid program or buy private insurance. State Rep. Ricardo Lara, D-Long Beach, said he plans to introduce a bill …"

How a coal miner's autopsy proved a top doctor wrong

By Chris Hamby

When a coal miner's lungs finally gave out, his autopsy proved a top doctor was wrong — giving hope to thousands of other miners.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Congress":

"… coalesced around a simple, descriptive term: black lung. Later that year, Congress would make a promise to the nation’s miners: Coal companies wo …"

A life-and-death struggle for asylum in America

By Susan Ferriss and Amy Isackson

Teens' tortured road to asylum in America.

Excerpts from this story referencing "San Diego":

"… to gangs and to corrupt police.  But these claims are controversial. San Diego-area GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Committee on Oversight and …"

Obamacare helps millions, but falls short in many ways

By Wendell Potter

The Affordable Care Act has reduced the ranks of the uninsured, but cost of care must be addressed.

Excerpts from this story referencing "insurance":

"… anniversary of the turbulent debut of the Obamacare-created online health insurance exchanges. "In just the last year, we’ve reduced the share of uninsured …"

"… about 10 million people — have gained the financial security of health insurance in less than one year." Approximately 8 million people were finally able …"

"… enroll in health plans on private exchanges or by working directly with an insurance company or agent. As a consequence, the rate of uninsured Americans droppe …"

"… find affordable coverage in the past, and many were not able to buy health insurance at any price because of insurance industry business practices that were ou …"

Investigators find Islamic State used ammo made in 21 countries, including America

By Julia Harte and R. Jeffrey Smith

A new report from an arms tracking group highlights how easily munitions shipped to the Middle East shift from one owner to another.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Congress":

"… there.” Fitful U.S. efforts to track where its weapons go On Sept. 18, Congress passed a law authorizing the Defense Department not only to re-e …"

"… the U.S. ships abroad. The Arms Export Control Act has long required that Congress be notified of large exports of small arms and light weapons, and be given …"

Open pits offer cheap disposal for fracking sludge, but health worries mount

By David Hasemyer and Zahra Hirji

Air emissions from oil and gas waste are among the least regulated, least monitored and least understood components of the fracking boom.

Excerpts from this story referencing "environmental law":

"… rcial solid waste facilities. Nathan Richardson, an assistant professor of environmental law at the University of South Carolina who studies waste rules, said most sta …"

Eyeballs burn in North Carolina, Iowa ahead of U.S. Senate elections

By Michael Beckel

Last week, North Carolina, Iowa residents saw three political ads focused on contentious Senate elections every five minutes.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kay Hagan":

"… e President Barack Obama. In the Tar Heel State, embattled incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan, a Democrat, is vying for re-election against Republican Thom Tillis, who …"

In Kansas, Democratic donors invest in uncertainty

By Michael Beckel

Independent Senate candidate Greg Orman lures left-leaning donors despite uncertainty about whether he'll caucus with Democrats.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Federal Election Commission":

"… Center for Responsive Politics and a Center for Public Integrity review of Federal Election Commission filings. He’s also given $1,000 to Orman. “Mr. Orman is a fundamental …"

U.S. Senate passes bill curtailing conflicts of interest in security clearance contracts

By Julia Harte

Firms no longer would be allowed to rate their own work

Excerpts from this story referencing "Congress":

"… according to the U.S. Justice Department. On Sept. 19, however, half the Congress voted unanimously to prevent federal contractors that process security cle …"

Iowa, Michigan bombarded with political ads

By Michael Beckel

Open-seat Senate battles in Iowa and Michigan have attracted a flurry of TV ads.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Democrats":

"… this month emerged as two of the nation’s hottest as Republicans battle Democrats for control of Congress’ upper chamber. Voters have been “inundated w …"

"… pick up at least six seats in November to wrest control of the Senate from Democrats. In Michigan, Democratic Rep. Gary Peters is facing off against former Sec …"

"… anwhile in Iowa, Republicans have rallied behind state Sen. Joni Ernst and Democrats behind Rep. Bruce Braley, who is running neck-and-neck with Erns …"

"… ublicans and conservative groups have aired about 15 percent more ads than Democrats and their allies in both Iowa and Michigan. Vincent Hutchings, a professo …"

The 47-year-old nuclear elephant in the room

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

A growing number of U.S. experts say that feigning ignorance about Israel’s nuclear arsenal creates more trouble than it averts.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Barack Obama":

"… be used due to the political sensitivity surrounding the topic. President Barack Obama made clear that this 4-decade-old U.S. policy would persist at his first W …"

In New Hampshire, quixotic super PAC shaking up Republican primary

By Dave Levinthal

Big-spending Mayday PAC giving Jim Rubens an unexpected boost — and Scott Brown a headache — ahead of GOP primary.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Kentucky":

"… nline ads and some supportive phone calls. Compare that to Senate races in Kentucky and Mississippi, for example, where tea party groups shoveled millions int …"