Nuclear Waste: A $1 billion Energy Department project overshoots its budget by 600 percent

By Douglas Birch and R. Jeffrey Smith

PART TWO OF A SERIES: A yawning gap opens between Washington’s claims about a nuclear plant and its messy construction.

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"… latest budget proposal to Congress. The project’s steep decline from a presidentially-blessed priority to a multi-billion dollar concrete edifice that may …"

"… as dropped, as were two of four emergency diesel generators. Kelly Trice, president of Shaw Areva MOX Services, a partnership between Areva and the Shaw Group …"

"… not [sic] continue to ignore this issue,” Derrick told a Shaw Areva vice president on March 15, 2012, six days before Derrick says he was fired. DOE’s Offi …"

Pentagon claims $757 million overbilling by contractor in Afghanistan

By Richard H.P. Sia

Lawmakers are upset that the Pentagon kept giving billions of dollars to a food supplier for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

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"… rs of the House Oversight and Governmental Reform Subcommittee on National Security expressed outrage at a hearing last week about the Pentagon’s handling o …"

Sending troops home could pave way for more non-competitive defense contracting

By R. Jeffrey Smith

After more than ten years of conflict, and around $1 trillion spent, what will troop drawdown mean for Department of Defense?

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"… erine V. Schinasi, a colleague on the commission and former analyst at the General Accountability Office, said, “we’ve seen enough poor outcomes from State Department contract …"

Windfalls of war: KBR, the government's concierge

By Sharon Weinberger

After a decade of war, KBR's umbrella contract tops $37 billion

Excerpts from this story referencing "DynCorp":

"… CAP competition, and in 2007 awarded contracts to three companies — KBR, DynCorp, and Fluor Corporation — under what was called LOGCAP IV. Unlike the pre …"

Lack of contract oversight puts billions at risk

By Laurel Adams

Federal agencies are increasingly reliant on contractors but many struggle to manage them and therefore expose billions in taxpayer dollars

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"… . population to these diseases. (Congressional Research Service)MISC.• A Texas-based food export company knowingly shipped expired food to troops in the …"

The struggle to police foreign subcontractors in Iraq and Afghanistan

By Nick Schwellenbach and Lagan Sebert

To win hearts and minds in Afghanistan and Iraq, military experts want U.S. companies to contract with local firms for a variety of tasks li

Excerpts from this story referencing "Taliban":

"… Subcontracted security forces in Afghanistan are suspected of bribing both Taliban and Afghan government officials;U.S. money for a trash collection program …"

"… to a subcommittee report. Some subcontractors are suspected of bribing the Taliban not to attack trucks on certain routes, while other bribes flow to Afghan …"

Pentagon’s contract examiners need to cooperate

By Julie Vorman

Two Pentagon agencies that share responsibility for overseeing how big contracts are carried out should stop their squabbling and work toget

Excerpts from this story referencing "The Pentagon":

"… get and on schedule, and has the power to withhold payment for shoddy work.The Pentagon’s internal watchdog found that on two occasions in 2008, the management …"

Audit finds poor controls on millions of dollars in Afghan police program

Pentagon discovers overpayments to contractor, potential for waste

Excerpts from this story referencing "DynCorp":

"… ttee on contracting oversight, uncovered  serious deficiencies in how DynCorp International tracks payroll, bills from subcontractors, cost vouchers and …"

"… rs and millions of dollars in labor costs. In sum, the audit found many of DynCorp’s billing and financial controls to be inadequate.The audit is notable f …"

"… an National Police. This effort is critical to the drawdown of U.S. troops.DynCorp is likely to continue its work in Afghanistan through the end of …"

"… promising a full and open competition, which could begin within two weeks.DynCorp spokesman Jason Rossbach said the Nov. 27, 2009 audit  was outdated a …"

Pentagon contracting audit chief removed following critical Senate hearing

By Nick Schwellenbach

The head of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), April G. Stephenson, is being removed, according to an e-mail she wrote today to DCAA

Excerpts from this story referencing "Government Accountability Office":

"… ngress. Her removal comes after a contentious September hearing focused on Government Accountability Office findings of widespread deficiencies in DCAA audits conducted before Stephe …"

Defense auditors tighten rules for contractors

By Nick Schwellenbach

The management of the Defense Contract Auditing Agency has issued new policies that extend the organization’s traditional green eyeshade mis

Excerpts from this story referencing "Defense Contract Audit Agency":

"… s from [DCAA’s] primary mission.”But not everyone agrees.“It’s the Defense Contract Audit Agency, not the Defense Contract Accounting Agency,” said Richard C. Loeb, adju …"

Overbilling by overseas contractors, plus lax oversight means money is being wasted

By Nick Schwellenbach

On Monday the congressionally-created Wartime Contracting Commission will hold a hearing on Defense Department logistics contracts in Iraq a

Excerpts from this story referencing "Defense Contract Audit Agency":

"… by contractor employees,” said Commission co-chair Michael J. Thibault.A Defense Contract Audit Agency employee, who spent a year in Iraq, told PaperTrail, on the condition of a …"

Fraud cases fell while Pentagon contracts surged

By Nick Schwellenbach

The number of defense contracting fraud and corruption cases sent by government investigators to prosecutors dropped precipitously under the

Excerpts from this story referencing "adjunct professor":

"… s of contractors, “fewer referrals can be made,” said Richard Loeb, an adjunct professor of government contract law at the University of Baltimore. “My sense is …"

Review launched on payments Army made to KBR over auditor objections

By Nick Schwellenbach

Controversial charges by contractor KBR for work done in Iraq are getting new scrutiny from the Pentagon, PaperTrail has learned....

Excerpts from this story referencing "Defense Contract Audit Agency":

"… he Army’s Logistics Civil Augmentation Program contract.Back in 2004 the Defense Contract Audit Agency expressed concern over alleged flaws in KBR's billing system. An August 16 …"

Pentagon contract fraud policy may not match reality

By Nick Schwellenbach

The Defense Contract Audit Agency — the Pentagon's front-line defense from contractor rip-offs — has been under fire since last summer, when

Excerpts from this story referencing "Inspector General":

"… hat any further concerns could be sent to the Defense Department Office of Inspector General, through its hotline.The IG hotline has problems of its own, as indicated …"

Halliburton contracts balloon

By André Verlöy and Daniel Politi

Despite being under an investigative cloud, company gets $4.3 billion in 2003

Excerpts from this story referencing "DynCorp":

"… renew the contract, the company lost in the competitive bidding process to DynCorp after the General Accounting Office reported in February 1997 that KBR had …"

"… f which was attributed to an increase in the Army's demands). KBR beat out DynCorp and defense giant Raytheon for the third LOGCAP contract in December 2001, …"

Winning contractors – An update

By Daniel Politi

As the number of contracts rises, problems continue to plague the contracting process

Excerpts from this story referencing "Baghdad":

"… ed for such services as creating plans for fixing the power generation for Baghdad water treatment plants, which, according to the GAO, were outside the scop …"

Inside a war-time contract

By André Verlöy

How a $24M military contract becomes a $887.4M contract

Excerpts from this story referencing "official":

"… e costs of a single contract task only months after the task was assigned, officials must be able to show the President, the Congress and the public that the …"

"… me magazine reported that a March 5, 2003, e-mail written by an Army Corps official referred to the awarding of the oil restoration contract as having been "c …"

"… oman for Halliburton, told the Center that the company has not received an official notification of an investigation by DOD's IG office. A Pentagon spokeswoma …"

Privatizing combat, the new world order

By Laura Peterson

In 1998, the U.S. had a military presence in a remote African war that drew little attention from the media

Excerpts from this story referencing "Sierra Leone":

"… its, the deployment of U.S. troops on humanitarian grounds.The conflict in Sierra Leone, in which the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front displayed a ghastly …"

"… ing."There was international intervention aimed at stopping the bloodshed. Sierra Leone's demoralized and under-equipped national army was bolstered by Nigerian t …"

"… , backing up the Nigerian troops.This small U.S. contribution to defending Sierra Leone was not conducted by an elite unit of the Army, Navy or Marines, but by a …"

"… i and Liberia.Painted on their fuselages were American flags.ICI's role in Sierra Leone was to back up the Nigerian troops, providing transport and medical evacua …"