ATF's struggle to close down firearms dealers

By Fred Schulte

Agency's crippled oversight of the industry means troubled gun dealers can stay open for years.

New study affirms the grim role played by US guns in Mexican violence

By Aaron Mehta and R. Jeffrey Smith

More than two-thirds of the arms seized over five years came from U.S. sellers.

Fallout from Fast and Furious probe claims two high-level victims

By Corbin Hiar

Two federal officials lose their jobs in the aftermath of a controversial federal gun investigation

House hearing probes 'Fast and Furious' missteps, reveals White House link

By Corbin Hiar

GOP investigators criticize ATF gun-running probe, reveal White House link

Justice Department enacts rule for reporting of rifle sales along the Southwest border

By Corbin Hiar

The Justice Department has implemented a controversial rule to require reporting of multiple rifle sales along the border

Family, agents decry "reckless" ATF gun operation on Mexican border

By Amy Biegelsen

Family of slain ATF agent testify at Congressional hearing on how guns slipped across border

Excerpts from this story referencing "Sheldon Whitehouse":

"… lifornia said in a statement.Joined by Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Feinstein called on Congress to restore the ban on assaul …"

Forecast improving for proposed rule aimed at border gun trafficking

By David Heath

Controversial proposal to curb gun smuggling into Mexico likely to pass tracking

Assistant attorney general's office approved wiretap in controversial gun probe

By John Solomon and David Heath

High-level Justice Department officials approved wiretap in controversial gun probe

Excerpts from this story referencing "attorney":

"… TF supervisor David Voth wrote on April 2, 2010. …"

"… tigators show.The approval memo from the office of Lanny Breuer, assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s criminal division, marks the highes …"

Rep. Issa, Attorney General Holder clash over ATF gun trafficking probe

By David Heath

ATF is still on the hot seat for Fast and Furious investigation

Gun shy: Firearms dealer worried ATF would let weapons slip to bad guy

By John Solomon

Arizona firearms dealer worried guns involved in ATF sting would end up with bad guys

E-mails allege strife within ATF over Grassley probe

By David Heath

E-mails reveal strife within ATF over Grassley probe

Daily Watchdog: Deteriorating conditions in Central America pose security threat

By Laurel Adams

Weak laws, paltry resources hinder gun trafficking probes, say ATF backers

By David Heath

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is under fire, but supporters say the agency lacks the tools needed to conduct succe

House committee subpoenas ATF for documents on gun probe

By David Heath

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today issued a subpoena

Border agents unwittingly freed suspects near border with weapons from federal sting

Border agents unwittingly freed suspects near border with weapons from federal sting

Excerpts from this story referencing "ATF":

"… and Explosives agents trying to bust a major Mexican gun running ring.The ATF had not yet flagged the weapons in a law enforcement database, and CBP wou …"

"… unners in the absence of tougher federal laws.As a result, weapons from an ATF sting in Arizona called “Fast and Furious” unwittingly ended up in the …"

"… er and CBS News disclosed in a joint investigation earlier this month that ATF, over the objections of some agents, had allowed more than 1,700 guns over …"

"… ccording to agents, supervisors and prosecutors. James Cavanaugh, a former ATF commander, said stemming the flow of guns to Mexico is a Herculean task gi …"

ATF allegations, anger spread through Mexico

By Alejandra Xanic von Bertrab

Revelations in a story from the Center about ATF's controversial Fast and Furious operation have sparked demands for investigations in Mexic

No guns in latest ATF raid were knowingly allowed to enter Mexico, prosecutor says

By Julie Vorman

A week after a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives whistleblower described how agents allowed hundreds of U.S. weapons to sl

Napolitano quizzed on ATF probe, NRA weighs in

By David Heath

Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate committee today that she knew nothing of a shift in strategy that delayed arrests

Excerpts from this story referencing "Patrick Leahy":

"… esponse’s to whistleblowers.In a letter sent today to Sens. Grassley and Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, the the NRA’s chief of l …"

Mexico demands information on controversial ATF gun investigation

By John Solomon

Mexico's foreign ministry is demanding information from the U.S. government on a controversial Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Expl

ATF orders immediate review of gun-running operation

By John Solomon

The head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive on Thursday night ordered an outside evaluation of his agency's efforts t

ATF let hundreds of U.S. weapons fall into hands of suspected Mexican gunrunners

By John Solomon, David Heath and Gordon Witkin

Front-line agents and Sen.Charles Grassley are sharply questioning a federal investigation that allowed hundreds of guns to move across the

Excerpts from this story referencing "Carlos Pascual":

"… al, one of Mexico's leading newspapers, Calderon said that U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual's "ignorance has translated into a distortion of what is happening in Mexi …"

Reports on gun that killed U.S. agent highlight continuing flow of weapons to Mexico

By Gordon Witkin

Reports that a Texas store was the source of a gun used to kill a U.S. agent in Mexico are bringing new attention to an issue that was the

Justice Dept. gun-tracking program should share more info with other police agencies

By Laurel Adams

A Justice Department program to help reduce drug cartel violence along the U.S. border found 90 percent of guns smuggled into Mexico came fr

ATF’s ‘ad hoc’ efforts give tobacco smugglers a free pass

By Te-Ping Chen

Smuggling cigarettes in America has become a multi-billion-dollar business, robbing states of desperately needed tax money and fueling organ

Excerpts from this story referencing "Smuggling":

"… have a good sense of the level of tobacco diversion across the country.” …"

U.S. guns arming Mexican drug cartels

By The Center for Public Integrity

The ATF says that 90 percent of guns seized at the Mexican border were originally sold in the States