Senator questions Bank of America’s no-bid prison deal

By Daniel Wagner

After a Center report, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, says Bank of America's no-bid prison banking deal "raises significant questions"

Excerpts from this story referencing "JPay Inc.":

"… ve deals with prisons. The first part of the series detailed how JPay Inc., a Miami-based technology company, has gained access to 70 percent of U.S. …"

Health insurers turning into who knows what?

By Wendell Potter

Commentary: health insurers are transforming themselves — but into what?

Excerpts from this story referencing "Health":

"… at insurers with well-known brands like Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna and UnitedHealthcare have been around forever and likely will always be with us as they are …"

"… profitable than other business lines that once defined them. As for UnitedHealthcare and WellPoint, few people had even heard of them 25 years ago. But tha …"

"… 30 countries in which we operate around the world.” According to UnitedHealth Group’s website, it is “the most diversified Health care company in th …"

"… in: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out on How Corporate PR is Killing Health Care and Deceiving Americans and Obamacare: What’s in It for M …"

Treasury extends controversial bank-card deal with Comerica

By Daniel Wagner

Treasury extends Comerica program that exposed the elderly and poor to fraud.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Comerica":

"… om a Treasury spokesman. The Treasury Department has extended a deal with Comerica Bank to distribute benefits to the elderly and disabled on payment cards d …"

"… al plans to review the selection process that led to another contract with Comerica, his counsel said in an email Monday. Treasury’s announcement that it h …"

"… s announcement that it had signed a new, five-year deal with Dallas-based Comerica to distribute Social Security and disability on bank-issued, taxpayer subs …"

"… as “Direct Express.” Under the previous contract, Treasury also paid Comerica an extra $32.5 million for work the bank had promised to do for free. The …"

Medicare Advantage patients find themselves in regulatory limbo

By Fred Schulte

States lack oversight but feds are struggling to keep with fast-growing health plans.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Health":

"… Jepsen called for federal officials to “aggressively scrutinize” UnitedHealthcare’s decision to drop a large number of doctors from its Medicare Advan …"

Chattanooga wants feds to pre-empt broadband ban

By Allan Holmes

Tennessee city seeks to expand municipal broadband service, pre-empting industry-backed state ban.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Florida":

"… R-Nebraska, Ron Johnson, R-Wisconsin, Ted Cruz, R-Texas and Marco Rubio, R-Florida, wrote a letter warning Wheeler not to act on the state laws, sa …"

Potential Sprint, T-Mobile marriage threatens consumer gains

By Allan Holmes

Sprint, T-Mobile fought to maintain competition, merger talks show they're giving in.

Excerpts from this story referencing "policy director":

"… ertainly would impact the combined company's ability to bid,” Matt Wood, policy director at Free Press, an advocacy group in Washington, D.C., that supports the sp …"

Court reopens third case after Center uncovered judicial conflicts of interest

By Chris Young

Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reopens 2007 case after Center alerts judge that his wife owned ExxonMobil stock when he ruled on case.

Excerpts from this story referencing "oil":

"… t the wife of one of the judges owned up to $100,000 worth of stock in the oil company at the time of the panel’s decision. The New Orleans-based 5th …"

"… t accused ExxonMobil and its chairman of maliciously and illegally raising oil and gas prices. But the court reopened the case on May 15, one day after …"

"… hat Judge Thomas Reavley did not know that his wife had owned stock in the oil company until seven years after the court ruled. Reavley is married to fel …"

Tobacco money fuels gay Republicans, business organizations

By Michael Beckel

Reynolds American gave thousands of dollars to politically active nonprofits such as the Log Cabin Republicans, Americans for Prosperity.

Center's report on troubled teens wins prestigious Tobenkin Award

'Throwaway Kids' honored with Columbia Journalism School award.

Treasury to Comerica: Take our money, please!

By Daniel Wagner

Officials handed bank tens of millions, asked few question, in troubled card program.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Comerica":

"… ding process for financial agency agreements. …"

"… y officials pressured vulnerable citizens to use the Direct Express cards. Comerica issued the cards under a contract that was supposed to be cost-free for th …"

"… center wait times, and based many decisions on unverified information from Comerica, according to a report due out Friday by Treasury’s inspector general. …"

"… an amended deal that officials offered without requiring any evidence that Comerica needed the money or would use it for this program, the report says. The pa …"

Name calling won't silence investigative reporting

By Bill Buzenberg

How a Verizon flack's tweet clinched more readers for our wireless investigation.

Corporate subsidy deals don’t always deliver

By Julie Patel

Popular business incentive programs can help politicians win favor with voters and companies.

Delay of long-awaited refinery accident report signals divisions at Chemical Safety Board

By Chris Hamby

A last-minute change to a public meeting on a 2010 explosion at the Tesoro refinery in Washington State has board members "embarrassed."

Excerpts from this story referencing "congressman":

"… “listening session” and delay a vote has drawn a sharp rebuke from the congressman representing the area and exposed broader divisions between the chairman a …"

T-Mobile’s lobbying spending may be paying off

By Allan Holmes

The No. 4 wireless carrier sees its lobbying investments paying off in D.C.

Top U.S. corporations funneled $173 million to political nonprofits

By Michael Beckel

Analysis of company disclosures reveals steady flow of cash from corporations to social welfare organizations, trade associations.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Wyoming":

"… re nonprofit was founded in 2012 by former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming and North Carolina Democrat Erskine Bowles, who served in the Clinton admi …"

Dow Chemical backed anti-union nonprofit with $2 million donation

By Michael Beckel and Erin Quinn

Nonprofit opposed pro-union ballot measure in Michigan with help of $2 million from chemical giant.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Rick Snyder":

"… ads have gotten even weaker. Under legislation signed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder in December, makers of so-called “issue ads” — those that mention ca …"

AT&T buoyed in lobbying push against spectrum auction limits

By Allan Holmes

Expect telecom giant to fight FCC on spectrum auction limits following T-Mobile airwaves purchase.

New Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen in her own words

By Alison Fitzgerald

Janet Yellen comments on the role of the Fed, devastating unemployment and Congress in selected quotes from 2013.

Fighting over Aetna's disclosure

By Wendell Potter

Commentary: good government group alleges insurer isn't coming clean on political spending.

CVS backs Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's NERD Fund

By Michael Beckel

Pharmacy chain's donation to Michigan governor's group offers a rare glimpse into the funding of politically active nonprofits.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Rick Snyder":

"… or and tax issues. Adam Wollner contributed to this report. …"

Ex-SEC chief now helps companies navigate post-meltdown reforms

By Lauren Kyger, Alison Fitzgerald and John Dunbar

Former regulators profit from their experience with jobs, book deals and speaking fees.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Secretary":

"… in the private sector. Paid speeches, book deals and think tanks Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson was the face and voice of the financial crisis of 200 …"

"… incus. That’s more than double his annual salary of $199,700 as Treasury Secretary. Geithner’s spokeswoman declined to comment on specific speaking engage …"

"… d public debate about who will be named his successor with former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers and Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen among the front runners. …"

Subprime lending execs back in business five years after crash

By Daniel Wagner

Executives from all of the top 25 subprime lending firms are working in the mortgage business five years later.

Excerpts from this story referencing "American Home Mortgage":

"… erling Partners. The firm is run by a former executive of IndyMac and American Home Mortgage and chaired by a former CEO of the government-sponsored mortgage finance g …"

"… ndent lending head, Lisa Schreiber, had run the wholesale division of American Home Mortgage, another of the top 25 subprime lenders from 2009. Dubrish, a former …"

"… ndyMac was originally formed as a REIT to invest in Countrywide’s loans. American Home Mortgage was a giant REIT with taxable subsidiaries to carry out its lending. Thos …"

Ex-Wall Street chieftains living large in post-meltdown world

By Alison Fitzgerald

CEOs of banks that fueled the subprime crisis that led to the economic meltdown largely avoid consequences.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Secretary":

"… ger. The company merged in 2009 with the Albright Group, founded by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to form Albright Stonebridge Group. Prince de …"

"… uomo.  He said he kept the losses hidden under pressure from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson who worried that, if the deal fell through, it would hurt th …"

Big Labor: still a political force

By Michael Beckel

Despite falling union membership, labor groups are major players in the super PAC arena.

How the defense industry dodges budget cuts

By Bill Buzenberg

Center's 'Gift Economy' project shows how money from defense contractors to key lawmakers affects key national security issues.

Excerpts from this story referencing "weapons systems":

"… arch and analyze defense contractor influence-buying related to individual weapons systems and major sectors of the industry. Until next week, Bill  …"

Bear Stearns mortgage executives have plum jobs on Wall Street

By Lauren Kyger and Alison Fitzgerald

Executives from the mortgage finance division that helped sink Bear Stearns have similar jobs at major Wall Street banks.

Excerpts from this story referencing "Fannie Mae":

"… al Housing Finance Agency, which oversees government-owned mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  They are among dozens of people and companies named …"

"… least $8.7 billion worth of residential mortgage-backed securities sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to documents included in the FHFA lawsuit. “ …"

Mortgage lender owned by Dole Foods magnate accused by CFPB of abusive practices

By Daniel Wagner

The new consumer watchdog is accusing a Utah lender of steering borrowers into high interest mortgages.

Excerpts from this story referencing "oil":

"… ate market collapsed in the sixties.” He soon owned real estate, mining, oil and cattle companies. …"

IMPACT: OSHA strengthens rules for 'model workplace' program

By Chris Hamby

IMPACT: Companies exempted from some safety inspections under an OSHA program will face automatic removal after work-related deaths.

Excerpts from this story referencing "ExxonMobil":

"… model workplace” just missed being covered by the new policy. A fire at ExxonMobil’s oil refinery in Beaumont, Texas, in April injured 12 contract workers, …"

"… nd ensure that a similar incident does not occur again,” a spokesman for ExxonMobil said in a statement. The oil giant has a number of other VPP sites, inclu …"

"… to evaluate these sites as well had not been made. Neither Albemarle nor ExxonMobil would say whether they believed their sites should remain in VPP …"

Democrats use Kochs to scare up campaign cash after Center report

By Dave Levinthal

Democratic party committees fundraising around record Koch Industries PAC spending.

Yellen as Fed chair would be tougher on banks

By Alison Fitzgerald

Janet Yellen, President Obama’s intended nominee for Federal reserve chief, may prove to be tougher on banks.

Excerpts from this story referencing "oil":

"… derivatives are used to hedge against price swings in commodities such as oil, corn or interest rates. Before the financial crisis, however, investors …"