Electronic medical records probed for over-billing

By Fred Schulte

Are feds doing all they can to ferret out waste from move to electronic records?

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"… ions today. Criticism of the initiative also has come from Republicans in Congress concerned about its costs and from within the federal government. In a Se …"

Center's 'Cracking the Codes' series wins Meyer journalism award

By The Center for Public Integrity

'Cracking the Codes' series about Medicare billing takes first place

Feds tighten scrutiny of health records

By Fred Schulte

Feds increase scrutiny of how electronic systems affect billing

Medicare paid $3.6 billion for electronic health records but didn't verify quality goals were met

By Fred Schulte

Medicare paid providers billions to adopt electronic records without checking to see they're meeting quality goals

IMPACT: HHS IG pledges focus on Medicare billing abuse involving electronic records

By Fred Schulte

HHS inspector general announces focus on Medicare billing abuse involving electronic records

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"… p;Wednesday, in announcing investigative priorities for the coming year.“Electronic medical records can improve quality of care and efficiency and help us uncover cases of f …"

Growth of electronic medical records eases path to inflated bills

By Fred Schulte

Billing software helps medical professionals document higher fees.

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"… ht if that whole issue wasn’t factored into the strategy,” Elson said. …"

"… m in 2007, according to hospital CEO Joe Lemaire. Coding ‘Slam Dunk’ Electronic medical records can influence pay scales known as “Evaluation and Management” codes. …"

As states build exchanges, questions linger about interoperability

By Josh Israel and Kimberly Leonard

Lingering questions about interoperability of state health information exchanges

Health information technology: Incentives may not always serve intended purpose

By Josh Israel and Kimberly Leonard

Some payments may be going to doctors who have been using electronic health records for years

Doctors skittish about health technology despite promise of big federal bucks

By Susan Jaffe

The federal government is paying physicians billions to adopt electronic health records, but doctors still aren't sure they want the cash

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"… National Coordinator for Health Information, which runs the program in the Department of Health and Human Services. Of those, nearly 31,000 work in small group practices.The available stati …"

Tentative security definition confuses health care providers, privacy groups

By Kimberly Leonard

When must health providers tell patients that their personal information was breached? Rule pending.

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"… harm standard was not included in the statute, said Lisa Gallagher, senior director of privacy and security at the Healthcare Information and Management Syste …"

"… chnology of other groups, such as the financial sector, said Deven McGraw, director of the Health Privacy Project at CDT.“Most of these breaches have been a …"

As doctors shift to electronic health systems, signs of harm emerge

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

Reports link system malfunctions to injuries, deaths

Excerpts from this story referencing "Wisconsin":

"… n Starren, a physician who oversees technology at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, lays out the dilemma starkly: “Computers are strong medicine. Done well …"

Experts: Safety oversight needed as patient records go digital

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

With digital transition approaching for many practices, safety and security issues continue to surface

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"… ed on the panel, no single person spoke for the industry. But Carl Dvorak, executive vice president of Epic Systems Corporation, a Wisconsin-based company that builds the sys …"

Patient data safety rules widely disregarded, unenforced

By Joe Eaton

As the federal government prepares to spend up to $27 billion in stimulus funds to promote electronic medical records, a health technology i

Can Cleveland clinic be a model for digital medicine?

By Emma Schwartz

Hospital’s success with electronic records raises hope and caution

Survey: Hospitals not protecting electronic health records

By Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz

One-third of institutions acknowledge cases of medical identity theft

Stimulus fuels gold rush for electronic health systems

By Fred Schulte

Competition among companies spawns bus tour, creative sales techniques